Just wanted to know how many Moms out there had 9lb and above babies and how your birth went?
Also How many of you ladies are tiny (I hear a lot of tiny women cant birth big babies)? Can you please post pictures of yourselves and your babies?

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sorry.. both of my girls where 6 lbs.. I'm hoping for a bit bigger this time arond. I'm curious as to what others will say.
Hmmm....I am mom of three kids Mya 4 but born 6lbs 6ozs, Jolie 2 born 7lbs 4 ozs, and Isaac 2 months born 9 lbs 8 ozs. I'm just curious as to what caused the difference in sizes. I worked very hard on my placenta and diet this time. Also I was 15 days after my due date and he is a boy so maybe that's it...Anyone else have an opinion??
I have heard that boys tend to be bigger in weight.. but that its really up to how that baby grows inside.

Likei hve friend who has two boys.. one was 5 lbs and the other was 7lbs... so the whole "boys are bigger" thing doesn't apply here.
I have just girls so far.. (maybe this one is a boy?) and they both were around the same weight DD#1 was 6 lbs 5 oz DD#2 was 6lbs 6oz... I am a smaller mama too.. so maybe that's just the size i grow?

It could be the differncein gender.. or the difference in your health at the time of pregnancy or maybe that your little man just grew bigger than his siblings
My first was almost 9 at 8lbs 12 oz but my second was a whopping girl at 9 lbs 4 oz. I delivered her at home with minor tearing and i think the only reason I tore was because I was squatting and pushed her out pretty fast. My birth was great!
My oldest's Aunt's dd was a 9 lb baby to... complete with emerg C section... Ugh umm.. no thank you. *shivers at the thought of a c section*
My son was 9 and a half pounds I can say I safely and quickly delivered him at home, no tearing and a 45 minute active labor. I did deliver him on all fours. Yes he was big but there wasn't any need for a c-section. My very talented and knowledgeable midwife Jessica Nipp (www.holistichomebirth.com) helped support my perineum and pushed one shoulder down so the shoulders were born one at a time. His head was 14 and 1/2 big so he's a healthy guy but my body was very capable of delivering him.
My sister in law delivered a beautiful 11 lb baby boy at home (her third homebirth). I witnessed the birth and it was incredible. She did have a tear and needed some stitches which she had at the local hospital. She is amazing at bringing what she needs into her life so of course the nurse at the hospital was a reiki practitioner. Aaaaaah....
She never had expectations about what her births would be and so she felt this was just part of his coming into the world. It was an event that led me to believe I could birth my baby at home too.
I had a 7 pound girl the first time around and just 3 months ago I had a 9lb. 12 oz baby girl in just 3 hours! I know of many other 10 pounders being born at home perfectly and some even faster than that! You can view a slide show of my birth here... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-8mVpC-r3c

Good luck!
I should also mention that I had a slight labial tear but no perineum tear. The labial tear never healed the same way but it's a small reminder of one of the greatest things I've ever done!
I have little babies (7lbs 8oz, and 6lbs 3oz, so far), but I know two ladies IRL who have had 12lb babies, both at home! I love to tell people that when they say that they could have never had a homebirth because their baby was nine pounds (and I try not to roll my eyes, lol).
Yes it's hard to be kind in that situation!

Erica Wiswell said:
I have little babies (7lbs 8oz, and 6lbs 3oz, so far), but I know two ladies IRL who have had 12lb babies, both at home! I love to tell people that when they say that they could have never had a homebirth because their baby was nine pounds (and I try not to roll my eyes, lol).
Hahaha, good question.
Actually, my daughter who I had 2.5yrs ago in the hospital was 9lbs 13oz. So I was having some second thoughts about having a home birth, especially when I had a biophysical done at 39 weeks and they said the baby was already 9lbs. AND I knew it was a boy...and they say boys are usually bigger than the girls...YIKES.
But I listened to my midwife who said by feeling my belly that she was sure the baby wasn't that big.
But she did have to have the conversation with me about shoulder dystocia. If the baby is too big then I will have to do whatever she says in the heat of the moment. They went over different positions they might have to put me in to push the shoulders out..etc etc.
Well...they didn't have to worry about it AT ALL...I was in the tub for about 3 hours and I got out and they checked me and I was only 5 cm....imagine my worry...how could it hurt so much and I was only 5 cm. So then I started having a shower, you know, to let gravity help me out. Well about 30min later I felt the need to push but I didn't want to because I was sure there was no way I was that close. Then I moved back into my bedroom and I felt between my legs and there was his head...1/2 hour AFTER i was 5 cm!!! Can you believe it? So my midwife laid me down on the bed and had to catch him with no gloves on...i think it was 2 pushes...less than 3 minutes according to my record. He was 9lbs, 1 oz...2 weeks AFTER the ultrasound that showed he was already 9lbs. Not only was he over 9 lbs...his hand came out wrapped around the opposite shoulder...I'm not sure what that is called, but I have a friend whose sister had a C-Section because of it, because they are worried that the elbow will tear the perineum...but alas...even with a 9lber AND an elbow coming along with it.. I was COMPLETELY intact at the end of it.
So...NEVER listen to the doctors when they read those ultrasounds. Sometimes they are right...most of the time they are wrong. And they always worry too much and want to get their hands in there to fix what might..rarely...happen.
And my midwife jokingly said after all was said and done "Dang...I didn't even get to use ANY of my shoulder dystocia equipment"
And I firmly believe that standing in the shower and swinging my hips was the key to having the baby come down in the right position and fast. (not swaying..SWINGING...lol...it hurt too much to be calm about it)
So lets hear it for Chubby Babies and Stretchy Perineums!!!



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