Just wanted to know how many Moms out there had 9lb and above babies and how your birth went?
Also How many of you ladies are tiny (I hear a lot of tiny women cant birth big babies)? Can you please post pictures of yourselves and your babies?

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3 babies, all born at home but different experiences. Also, my babies were all 22-23 inches so they were big, but not fat. I think they were appropriate weights for their height.

1st baby - girl, 9 lbs even. Born 6 days late. 15 hour labor, pushed for 3.5 hours. Gained 35 lbs. 2nd degree tear with a few stitches.

2nd baby - girl, 8 lbs 8 oz. Born 5 days late. I exercised the most by far this pregnancy and was in great shape. 4.5 hour labor. 1st degree tear with a few stitches.

3rd baby - boy, 9 lbs 2 oz. Born 11 days late. I was not in the greatest shape this time, didn't exercise much and gained 50 lbs. I was freaking huge and was really expecting a 10 lb baby at the minimum, so I was pleasantly surprised. 3 hour labor though! Had a nick and a skid mark, but no stitches.
I have had 3 x 9lb+ babies. My first was an emergency C/S for alledged cord prolapse (when I discovered I was lied to I sued the hospital concerned and won the case). She was 9lb 2oz. At the scan the day before she was born I was told the baby was a 7lb boy - love to know how she changed sex and gained 2lb+ overnight !!!

My next 2 were VBA3C babies, the 1st one in hospital (Homebirth transfer during labour for very high BP and 4+ protein in urine) 6 hours from ARM to birth - 9lb 9oz with a small tear. Refused scans during this pregnancy.

My 3rd one was a homebirth, 3 hours 10 mins labour of a 9lb 3oz baby - born in water with intact perimum. Scan at 34 weeks estimated her birth weight to be only 7lb 8oz.

I have since had 2 further babies but my sons seem to be smaller than their sisters - 8lb 11oz (2007) and 7lb 15oz (2008) Both were born in water with intact perimum. The 8lb 11oz one had mild shoulder dystoria as he had his hand above his head and arrived flying like superman, the 7lb 15 oz one was born as a direct OP (face-to-pubes) and shocked the attending Midwife...


Linda Hinchliffe - Mum of 9
Chair/Founder of VBAC Information & Support
(Est. 1990)
Babies: 1986 Em C/S ~ 6lb 8oz; 1988 Em C/S ~ 6lb 8oz; 1990 VBA2C ~ 7lb 12oz; 1993 Em C/S ~ 9lb 2oz; 2000 VBA3C ~ 9lb 9oz*; 2002 HBA3C ~ 7lb 15oz; 2004 HBA3C ~ 9lb 3oz; 2007 HBA3C ~ 8lb 11oz; VBA3C ~ 7lb 15oz*
* Booked Homebirths both transfer into hospital during labour.
I had a 9lb 10oz baby boy on 6/12/09. At nearly 40 wks.

This was my 4th birth, with my biggest previous baby being 9lbs.

The birth was relatively easy. I had a weak abdomen, so he was kind of falling outward toward the end of the pregnancy. So, when labor started, I would lift my belly in toward my spine and push down just slightly with each long exhale. It really helped him move down quickly.

The active labor lasted about 2 hrs. Toward the end, the ctx were on top of one another, but they never really hurt, to me. I realized it was time to enter the tub (the water epidural, as its called) when I couldn't stand upright without having a contraction (less than 30 sec apart). I changed positions every few minutes or so (from back to hands and knees). I rolled over to hands and knees and I felt him slip into the birth canal. I felt the urge to push and did it. Two pushes and he was out. No tearing, no trauma whatsoever. It was really very easy at home. My 9lb baby (born in the hospital on pit with an epidural) was total drama. The doctor was worried that I wouldn't be able to push her out, so he had the OR prepped for me. She came out fairly easy, too, but with a little vaginal trauma.
I'm so glad you posted this! It always drives me nuts when people talk about how "huge" a 9lb baby is and how it obviously might warrant a c-section. Granted I've only had one 7lb 4 oz baby, but even if the baby was a few lbs bigger I wouldn't be concerned. I figure for the most part you aren't going to make a baby you can't deliver.
My most recent baby was 10 lbs even (by far my largest) and I had him at home with no tearing. The midwife used plenty of oil to stretch me and applied hot compresses when I was pushing, also it was a slow delivery. I'm sure the care and patience would not have been matched in a hospital!
Out of 8 children one was 9lbs. , I had twins that were 1.5 lbs., the next was 8lbs 11oz, then 5 lbs 15 oz, then 9 lbs, then 7lbs 11oz, 7 lbs 13 oz, and 7 lbs 11 oz.
The only thing that went through my mind while pushing Lilly out (the 9 pounder) was this is a lot harder than last time but 9 lbs is a big jump from barely 6 lbs.. The birth was okay I was induced but actually aloud up to walk around ( I was also 2 weeks late), I stayed about 4 to 5 cm for hours then within about 10 mins I was fully dilated and ready, the baby was coming whether I pushed or not. Just a couple good pushes and we were done. Now what I am wondering is why the doctors seem to think that you can just stop pushing so they can get ready? Like I said she was coming whether I pushed or not, my body was already doing what it needed to and I wasn't about to stop it. The doctor was a great old time doctor. He had I feeling I was going to go and was waiting at the nurses station instead of heading downstairs, good thing. He didn't try to make me wait to push like the other doctors had. It was really cool when she came out he held her for a sec and said "9 pounds", he came back about ten minutes later to see if his guess was right .
I haven't had an official 9 pounder. My first was 8lbs 13.5oz. Born at a free standing birth center after about a six hour labor(40min of pushing) and 3 degree tear. My next was a home-water-birth 7lb 12oz, 3.5 hour labor(26min of pushing), and 2 degree tear. Both girls. I was surprised that with over a pound difference my smaller baby hurt much worse as she came out!!!

I also know a very small pettite mama who delivered a 10lb 6oz boy with one push and no tearing at home with my midwives!!!! I met her at one of my check ups and was amazed(she is so tiny!!) So I think it really depends on your body, and your birth possition!!!
My 1st was 10lbs even. One of her shoulders was stuck, but I had the epi in the hospital, so I wasn't able to switch to a different position to push her out.
I had interventions from the beginning, starting with pitocin, it's a miracle she wasn't born via c-section.

My 2nd was 10lbs 10oz at home. No problems at all. I felt the urge to push and went into the hands and knees position. No one told me to, it just felt right.
She practically fell out, they kept telling me to stop pushing, lol

Oh, and both of mine are girls, and I didn't tear with either one of them.
My first I ate everything I could, and gained 75lbs. They started the induction at two days past my due date. 26 hours of labor with her.
My 2nd I watched what I ate, gained 40 lbs and she even came 20 days past my "due date"
12 hours of labor with the 2nd.
I had an 8llb 11oz baby. He is my second. I have a pretty small pelvis I was only wieghing 135 when my second was born. It took me 3 hours to push him out, and eventually the doc used the vacum, that was my ONLy medical inetrvention. I am planning a homebirth with my 3rd and I hope he's not TOO big. My tailbone was fractured when he came out of my pelvis, had a hard time walking for a few weeks. I wonder if I was pushing in a diffrent position, if maybe that wouldn't have happend.
I have two boys - First born was 7 pound 6 on his due date - And 2nd was 7 pound 15 a week early
I had a 10lb 7oz boy in hospital but without any drugs or interventions and no tearing which lead to my decision to have my second at home - a 10lb girl. That was an amazing experience and now I'm pregnant with my third, from the size of me now at 25 weeks, there's definitely another 10lb baby in there!! Goodness knows where these big babies come from as there's no family history of it in my or my husband's families. I just have real faith and confidence in my body that it can do what it was made for! We'll see at the start of February what this latest addition to our family weighs in at!
I have 9 children and 3 of them have been 9lb+. Two of these were VBA3C babies - the other being my 3rd C/S.

My biggest baby was probably my easiest baby - she was 9lb 9oz and was 6 hours start to finish, 4 years later her sister was 9lb 3oz and 9 hours of early labour (Because she was OP) then 3 hours of intense labour once she turned to OA position.

Ironcially my smallest baby (6lb 8oz) was my most difficult as he got himself into an arkward position and needed to be delivered by C/S.

Linda ~ Mum of 9
C/S (1986, 1988, 1993): Hosp VBA2C (1990):Hosp VBA3C (2000): HBA3C in water (2002, 2004 & 2007); Hosp water birth (2008)



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