Just wanted to know how many Moms out there had 9lb and above babies and how your birth went?
Also How many of you ladies are tiny (I hear a lot of tiny women cant birth big babies)? Can you please post pictures of yourselves and your babies?

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My first was 4lb 10oz (suspected IUGR, hospital birth augmented with pitocin but no pain meds). I had a bad internal tear probably caused by a wayward elbow or hand b/c baby was so small. My second was a wonderful water birth at home, 9lbs, 17 minutes pushing and no stitches. Sometimes it actually helps to have a bigger baby I guess! Our bodies really are created for this and are capable. :) The "funniest" comment I got was from someone who asked how big my baby was at birth. I said "9lbs" and she said, "Oh, you had a C-section?" I was so dumbfounded that I couldn't even say, "No, I had a homebirth." I am so glad I wasn't seeing a doctor who tried to scare me into thinking I wouldn't be able to do it. That being said, I'm also glad I had no idea how big the baby was likely to be since my first was such a bitty!
I have two boys. My first was 7lbs. 2oz. and I had some skidmarks (hospital birth at EDD+3, pretty much on my back), my second (freebirth at EDD+10) was 9lbs. 7oz. and I had a bruised pelvic floor but no tears or anything. I spent a lot of time in the tub and also birthed him in there, so everything was very soft. The bruising came from a dumb position (kneeling on one leg, foot on the ground with the other, so he came out a bit crooked). His birth was also shorter (#1 took 27 hours, #2 17 hours) and, after transition was done with, painless. Never had an urge to push, though. Still, I'd do his birth again any day, #1 not so much.
You look tiny in this pic are you very tiny with a big baby? Can I see a pic?
My baby was under 9 lbs, but I believe that was because of guidance from my midwife regarding diet. I was not allowed ANY sugar with an absolute cut off date of 26 weeks. That's when the baby is supposed to put on most of its fat. She said sugar doesn't give any additional nutrients but can significantly increase the size and weight of your baby. She said that this would increase my chances of complications. She also suggested no white foods like white bread, rice, potatoes and said to eat the dark versions of these for the same reasons. Exceptions were milk and cauliflower. While was a little hard, I found Stevia to be a great sugar substitute. Even though I put on almost 70 lbs, my baby was a mere 6 lbs 3 ozs. My friend did the same thing and her baby was 7 lbs.
I am a little late to this discussion (new to the group.) I have had four 9 lbs and over. My first was born via c/s and she was 7.14 lbs and was 4 weeks early. My 2nd was via VBAC in the hospital and he was 7.11 lbs and was 3 weeks early. I attempted a HB with my 3rd but transported. She was 9 lbs exactly at 1 week early. My next baby was 9.2 lbs born on his due date. This was my best birth (land birth.) My 5th baby was 1 week late and I labored for 40 hours with him. He was 10.3 lbs and was born in the water. Once my water broke with him it actually got easier. My last baby was 9.12 lbs. I had some issues with my last birth but I think it's because I was taking some supplements to help give me a more consistent labor. It made labor go really fast. The birthing process of was fine though - fast. I am expecting again and my MW has already told me she doesn't want me to go over my due date too long. They just keep getting big and she's a little concerned about that. I am not too worried about it and she works with me to meet me in the middle. Oh, I forgot to mention, the reasons for my c-section that is documented in my records is that I have a small pelvis. Um, I don't think so. My MW and I still get a laugh over that one. :)
My little girl was 10.8 and her birth was amazing! No tears, no problems, born at home with a quick, quick active labor {about 45 minutes}. Although she was 12 days after my due date... that part was a little frustrating at times. My son {2 years older} was 8.1, both felt pretty much the same... like I was giving birth. :)
Hey there Kelsi do you have a picture of your little one at birth you could share?
All I can say is that my biggest baby was my easiest baby to birth. But that was 30 years ago and he only weighed 8lb.14oz., My labor went; woke up at 3a.m., got to hospital at 5:30a.m., gave birth at 6a.m. - three hours total! I'd just read Ina May's Spiritual Midwifery and Suzanne Arms Immaculate Deception. My next baby I had a nice homebirth : )

As a doula I have witnessed over 200 births and lots of baby's these days are over 9 lbs. mostly vaginal births. I don't know where the issue with supposedly 'big babies' came from - maybe docs who want control? or to induce? Today there is more in the news discouraging induction. Having a big chubby baby is much better than having a premie that goes to NICU. I'm not saying that's what this question is about. I'm glad this is a place where mom's with any questions at all can come, can get some encouragement. Big Babies Rock! Happy Birthing!



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