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We are attempting our first home birth this Spring as well as an UBA3C (Unassisted Birth After 3 Ceseareans).  My second birth was a VBAC.  Anyway, my husband and I feel quite convinced our "complications" were caused by medical interventions and that I truly did not have any pregnancy complications other than twins one time (if you can count that).  We feel that it is unnecessary to schedule another c-section just because every physician within several hundred miles think it is the only road to take.  So I am writing to see if there are any other pregnant ladies planning unassited home births especially after c-sections.  Would you like to connect and share journies together?




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I had a UC in May of '09. No prior c-section, but here's my story if you'd like to read it:



Best of luck to you!

Kasie, Your birth story is beautiful!  How long was your total labor?  All of mine were posterior!!  I plan to live on my hands and knees for the last 4 weeks of pregnancy!  Thank you so much for sharing! ~Shauna



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