Hey all. I just have to vent a little. I had a homebirth in June with my 4th child. It was perfect. No problems. In fact, he was WAY healthier than any of my hospital, pit-induced, epidural babies that came before. Apgars were good...no problems. Well, last week, we experienced an ALTE (apparent life threatening episode) with him. His breathing slowed (or stopped) such that he became gray and had purple eyelids. He was extremely difficult to rouse so we spent a night at a children's hospital with him for some heart tests, et al. It was frightening. It also put me in a position to defend the birth and my choices every 5 minutes, it seemed. One resident came in, "So, you had him in a planned home birth?" I said, "Yes, we did." "Okay. So, was there anything wrong with his birth other than that it was at home?" Ummmmm..... I just said no and stated his apgars, labor time, and that the intermittent auscultation was reassuring. It was like that the entire time. They asked me why I chose it...why I didn't give the vitamin K...why we elected to not do the Hep B or the eye goop...etc. I just kind of felt violated and treated like a rebel. I guess, if you think about it, that's what I am. I just never thought that I would be treated like a witch in Salem, because I made the best choice for me and my baby. I just instantly feel like everything that goes wrong with him for the rest of his life will be blamed on the home birth. He falls off his bike and breaks his leg? Its probably cuz he was born in a water birth! Duh. Anyone else experience this? Maybe its just my imagination. I don't know.

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I proudly tell everyone I meet that my 5 month old daughter was born at home and they all look at me like I'm a little crazy. Their usual comments are "weren't you nervous?" or "I'd be too afraid to do that." and all I say back is, "I'd be more scared to have my baby in a hospital." It is sad that we always have to stand up for what we know is the right thing for our child just because people are not educated on the statistics and how much safer home birth is than hospital birth in normal pregnancies. I hope your baby is feeling better. Is he doing ok now? I just pray everyday that my precious girl will never have the misfortune of stepping foot in a hospital.
Kayla, I have had this several times. My first HB child (3rd baby) had some weight gain issues, and I felt like I had the world looking at me like I was this crazy person because i had my baby at home! Then my 6th baby at 10 days old landed in the E.R. because of a fever and splotchy rash. Of course, I get, "was he born here?" no. "Was he born at 'the other hosp in town'?" No, I had a planned Out of hosp birth... "Did you test + for GBS?" I declined the GBS testing, and it is VERY unlikely that evn if I had been possitive, he could/would have been affected... short labor, water broke, and he was born within 5-10 minutes. (and it was a water birth, dilution of any possible GBS issues???). Anyway, I felt like I just had to keep defending my choice to not vax, birth at home (I've had 6 babies, and I haven't birthed in a hosp since the 2nd baby), etc... and that it was somehow to blame, which it was totally unrelated!!! I'm sorry you had to go through that experience. It's hard!
Is your baby o.k.? did they figure out what was going on with him? (how old was he when this happened?)
(My little guy ended up having a strep A infection that was in his blood system, and it had setteled in his hip joint and was growing wild and crazy!! He ended up in the hosp for 3 wks, and we did 6 weeks of I.V. abx! he's fine now, other than a slight limp due to scar tissue from surgery etc. to clean out the infection. (he's 3 1/2 yrs old now.)
Evan is okay. He had a reflux episode, we think. We are guessing that he refluxed and the acid caused a spasm which may have shut off his airway, partially or completely. So, it was a major event, with probably a minor cause. He's on meds for it now, which I hate, but I think the benefits outweigh the risks, at this point. He hasn't had an episode since, which is great. When this happened, he was sleeping upright in a well-supported bouncy chair, which is where I put him because of his reflux issues. I found that I didn't have to medicate one of my other children if he slept upright all the time. He was not cosleeping, sleeping on his tummy, or anything like that, which is normally "associated" with near-miss SIDS cases like this.

I just got another dose from my pediatrician for his well-visit on Friday, actually. She asked why I declined the Hep B (and I told her my well-informed opinion) and she had no argument for me. However, she told me that the office requires all patients to follow the CDC recommended vaccination schedule and that I had a right to my opinion, but they could no longer accept us as patients if we did not agree to it. Well, we're looking for a nother pediatrician right now. Its not that big of a deal for us to get the hep b at this point, I guess. But the very fact that she took my right to choose really ticked me off. She also said that if we had another baby in the future, they may not accept him/her as a patient if it is a home birth situation. Wow. Its pretty amazing.
You don't want to have her as a pediatrician then. Have you ever had your son checked by a Chiropractor? My husband has one of the largest pediatric Chiropractic practices in our area and reflux can be caused by misalignments in the spine. He has helped many babies in your sons situation get off of medication. If you need help finding someone in your area, I can help.
And Jenn...you should defend it until you are blue in the face. I did for the longest time, especially before the birth. Now, I feel so confident in my decision that I don't even need to defend it. I'm just shocked by the amazing ignorance of the medical community. Why the hell can't everyone work as a team? Why does a medicated birth have to be priority rather than backup? Stupid.

I am sure you won't regret your decision. My home waterbirth was absolutely amazing. I felt so in control and so safe. It was amazing.
I am planning a home birth in November, and I was also born at home. My mom decided after getting treated badly by her OB that this was her baby and her body, and she was willing to leave to have the birth she wanted. She had me very easily at home with a midwife, but prior to that, when she told her priest what she was doing, he told her that he would be available for "Last Rights". I still can not believe that story when she tells me today. How do people have the nerve to judge you for your decisions?

My mom is right. It is your body and your baby. You have the right to be where you are comfortable to give birth. People who don't understand that are just too ignorant to see an alternative!



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