I went for my routine appt Mon and my MW said my baby is not head down yet. I was 29 weeks. I thought it was common for babies to be head up until sometime after 30 weeks and didn't really become an issue until about 34 weeks. I asked her and she confirmed that we wouldn't worry until about 32-34 weeks.

But...She recommended I do the positions at spinningbabies.com (which I have been all week) and make an appt w/ a chiropractor that can do the Webster technique (not able to get an appt since it was thanksgiving week) to get baby turned head down. Then she scheduled me for an u/s on Mon and if he is still head up she wants to do a "gentle version" to attempt to get him to turn himself.

So, if its not uncommon to be head up at this point and I have 4 full weeks before its "time to worry" why is she already worrying? I understand the positions at spinningbabies.com, but a chriopractor an u/s and any type of version seems like overkill to me at this point. Isn't it possible that, at this point, she could get him to turn or the chiropractor could get him to turn and he could just spin himself around again? Isn't the reason you wait till 34 weeks is because at that point the size of the baby makes it harder for them to turn, so if you sucessfully get them head down the chance they will turn themselves head up again is very small?

Any input, personal experiences, and/or thoughts would be much appreciated. Thanks :)

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I have not had a breech baby at that stage, as all my babies were head down by 28 weeks and stayed that way, but I think it's too early to be of any concern. I would not worry about a version at this point. Give it at least a few more weeks. Babies can flip back and forth right up until the birth. That has happened to a few friends of mine. One's baby was breech, and flipped on his own at 38.5 weeks. Good luck!
My last baby was born breech(at home) and I remember feeling her trying to turn. I kept thinking she was already head down since her heart tones were below my navel like they should be for a vertex. So every time I felt the sensation of her moving around I gently pushed her back. So, if he ends up staying breech and there are no other foreseeable problems, having a breech baby isn't hard at all.
My MW does not do Breech births at home. However, she will do vaginal breech births at the hospital. So, I am hoping for a head down baby and a homebirth. But Plan B is a vaginal breech delivery at the hospital. Not perfect, but considering that finding a practitioner that will even do a breech vaginal delivery is so difficult I am considering myself lucky to even have that as an option. I have heard the stories of lots of ladies forced into a c/sec for breech babies--thats how I ended up with mine 13 years ago with my daughter. Thans for the encouragement and the pics--very inspiring for me to go forward with my vaginal delivery regardless of his position at birth :)
Hello Sara,

My baby was breech up until 36 weeks. My midwife and I did not begin to try any techniques to get him to turn until about 34 weeks. He had actually turned into head down position the first time at about 28 weeks and turned back by my 31st week visit (he was just floating around in there I guess). I was so worried about how far along I was and him not being in position. I did finally get him to turn and it was amazing, I played some Nina Simone and Miles for him one night and actually watched as he followed the sounds down! He has stayed put and is still hanging out as I am 42 weeks now. All I can tell you is take it easy, your baby and body know what they need to do. Talk to your baby as often as you can and try the music if you are up to it. Its actually a great way to relax for you as well. Wishing you the a smooth third trimester, stay positive. Sarah
I did not have a breech presentation at that stage or at my HB, have served HB Moms who have.
I always encourage a few things in general-www.spinningbabies.comand do the excercises like the comfort of your birthing depends on it, visualizing your baby head down, facing your spine, clear water, hands at sides, free floating cord for 3 long exhale breaths in a row 3 times a day.
I encourage Moms regularly but especially as they reach 34 weeks in pregnancy with breech to visit a pregnancy chiropractor, acupuncturist or to relax and listen to "Turn Your Breech Baby, Yes You Can" from www.Hypnobabies.com.
So far, all HB births have been well positioned at birth:) You can do it!:)
I like your attitude of preferring not to worry. In fact, try not to worry at all! (Easier said than done--I know). Definitely get on spinnning babies. I use their techniques throughout my entire pregnancy and encourage my clients to start doing it from the very beginning too. It's never too early for that.

For example, when I'm pregnant I try not to spend too much time sitting back into a couch. Try to sit up leaning with your elbows on your knees. Also, sitting at a table lean forward with your elbows on a table. I watch tv either on a birth ball or in a child pose, hands on my chin on the floor. Lots of walking and washing the floor on your hands and knees is great for helping encourage the baby to move into optimum positioning.

I know to some it might seem like over doing it, but really, we've changed a lot about our behavior and everyday activities in the past 50s years even, but our bodies still birth based on evolutionary practice of hundreds of thousands of years. There weren't comfy couches for a loooong time! lol.

Good luck. Your baby will be in the *perfect* position it needs to be for the birth :-)
UPDATE: So I am now 32 weeks. And baby is still not head down. Although he was positioned with his head under my ribs and his feet in my pelvis and now he has turned into a sideways position (transverse breech). I consider this as an improvement since his head is that much closer to where it needs to be :)

I have been faithfully doing the spinningbabies positions and yoga posiitons to help open/align my hips. Done the warm bath, frozen peas (although I use a gel ice pack instead) I have seen a chiropractor a few times and tomorrow I am going to see a someone that does massage, acupunture and moxibustion (she is a homebirth veteran :) and she seems very confident that we can get him in the right position. I also took the advice of WeBloom--off the couch and on my feet and the child pose. And Kathryn--the visualizing really centers me and helps me feel connected to what he is doing in there. And Sarah--my 3 year old has been singing and talking to the baby, to get his head where it should be :) Much thanks ladies for the input.

I am still optimistically hopeful that things will happen just as they should. Although I wish he was head down already there is still time for him to turn. I could wake up tomorrow with his feet firmly kicking my ribs :)
Sara you are doing all the right things....most of all remaining worry free. My son was born at 40 wks and was still breech at 39. My midwife was willing to do a breech delivery at home, but I was quite thankful she did not have to. My husband, a chiropractor and acupuncturist was able to turn him by our delivery. My husband and I took Bradley Method classes in preparation for our home birth (even tho this was our 5th child it was our 1st Home Birth), and an exercise we were taught (the pelvic rock) really helped too, I believe. Pelvic Rock is: as it sounds...on all 4's letting belly/pelvis drop towards the floor, than arching your back to pull up the belly and pelvis (like the yoga cat). We were instructed to do this 40x/day...I broke it to 20am and 20pm. WeBloom has hit the nail on the head, we don't live as a woman 50 yrs ago did....I spent my last 4 wks doing all the same things.
Good Luck, no worries you are doing all the right things! Your baby is blessed to have you!
My baby was transverse after 30 weeks and I went to my accupuncturist for Moxibustion. There are no needles involved and it's been used for thousands of years. It cost me $40 and one hour of time and the baby began responding immediately. The baby has since been head down (I'm due tomorrow). I highly reccomend trying this out if you are still worried.



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