So I saw a few days ago that the Duggar Grandbaby was born at home and that TLC plans to air the birth on an up-coming show.

I've been wondering what kind of response that will get. First, because it seems like they are always popping up on the Today Show, and I wonder if there will be any comment (especially after the "Perils of Homebirth" nonsense). And secondly, because they seem to cause a lot of controversy - people seem to either love them or hate them. It would be great if they showed the birth and it helped to promote HBing, but it could have the opposite effect added to the fact that many people think having 18+ children is a bit backward.

Any thoughts?

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Well, the dugger's are fairly famous now, but I don't know that them having a HB is going to surprise people really. They are that kind of folk, even though mama dugger has had how many c-sec's now? three? I guess that's a pretty good track record for 18 kids though.
Anyway. TLC has had the occasional homebirth or natural birth on a Baby Story, so TLC doesn't seem hugely opposed to the idea (they are just overly dramatic about birth, no matter the circumstances), I can definitely see them airing that with no problems. I'd like to see it. I'd like to see how intense the voice over gets at the most ridiculous times.
Sometimes birth videos, on TV shows anyway, make me laugh. I mean, it's like when I watch a CSI episode and I realize that they are doing stuff in their lab that I did in 10th grade science, only it's set to cool music and black lights. It's the same with birth videos, "Oh, she's been in labor for SIX HOURS, and she's only dilated to 5 CENTIMETERS" GASP!!!!
It's that I hope isn't going to be aired. I hope it's beautiful and honest and that the young couple is treated well in the editting room.
I think any attention to homebirth is good attention because it puts it out for discussion among other birthing moms. I also give Mama Dugger so much credit for having v-bacs. What a testiment that is to have so many vaginal births after c-section. I think a good thing overall.
I thought it was pretty cool that Grandbaby Duggar was born at home. Has Mama Duggar had her children at home? I don't seem to recall them talking too much about homebirthing. But I think any time homebirthing is shown in a positive light it's a good thing.
No, I think all of Mama Duggar's were hospital births.
I LOVED IT!!!! Congrats to them. I thought it was a wonderful thing to have his mom there helping and to actually catch his first child....welcoming her into this world....oh gosh....tears in my eyes just thinking about it! It was so beautiful. It was safe and everyone is perfectly healthy and fine. WTG Duggars!! :)
It seemed like the choice to HB was kind of on a whim, at least that's what I gathered from the show, which kind of surprised me. Either way everything went well, so I happy for them!
Mama Duggar had at least two homebirths and discussed both them in very positive light. It was near the middle of her births, I think after that she had so many they made her go to the hospital after that because of the perceived risks.
I just posted a discussion on this very topic! I was wondering myself if mama Dugger had a homebirths and if she used an epidural in any of her hospital births. I was so proud of Anna when I saw the episode! I do hope this draws alittle more positive attention to homebirth.
I watched it. I thought it was pretty neat, except I was surprised when they decided to do a homebirth at the last minute and didn't have a midwife present...but some people choose that I suppose. But she did a wonderful job and her hubby actually delivered the baby and the mom kept saying "thank you, thank you" to made me cry. I haven't heard a single word about it in the media though....
I think it would be interesting to watch. Unfortunately, I do not have cable...can anyone tivo & post?
I think the woman they called their doula was MW. She had the oxygen tank and there were other supplies in the home that would indicate a MW was on the scene.

I'm all for Free Birth, but I don't think that's what the Duggars had.
The most recent episode was hi lighting the Duggars 25 year anniversary. During the show Michelle Duggar described each of her births.

She had at least two of them at home and she did describe them as wonderful experiences. She also had three cesareans, the first with her twins, one for transverse and I cannot recall the other. I think fetal distress was mentioned.

Anna did amazing at her homebirth and it was shown as very straight forward and normal.



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