I'm getting ready to start my registry and wondered if anyone had advice about how to explain my minimalist, eco-approach to raising baby & any tools that can be used to make it easy on confused relatives? You know, organic stuff, non-toxic toys, necessities only?

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There was an article about this very topic in the Sept-Oct. 2008 issue of Mothering magazine. I was just reading it yesterday. These are the websites they list that you can point people toward:


Good luck!
Also, www.babyearth.com and ourgreenhouse.com.

There are so many now!
Great question! As a cloth diapering, Eco-friendly, environmentally concious mom I've certainly had issues with this. My MIL won't/can't shop online, so I've registered a few items at Target. They have some organic items. That way she can shop at a store she is comfortable with, and I don't have to compromise my values.
We registered at Amazon.com as they have a huge variety of organic and green items. I am sure we will get other things as well but at least I can return those for what I want! Also on amazon we were able to leave notes and rank the necessity of the items. I have chosen not to exhaust myself explaining all of our choices and instead just filled our registry with them!
Hi Julie:

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! You can take it a step further and have an eco-friendly mommy and baby service registry. Feel free to visit my website to learn more about Organic Mommy & Baby Healthcare Solutions (http://www.wholecreations.com/wombfull.html) and All Natural Mommy and Baby Skin Care Products (http://www.wholecreations.com/mommyandbaby.html).

My Best,
Maternity Wellness Practitioner & Educator
I'd suggest doing a baby registry on Kaboodle.com or similar site where you can add items from all over the web. You can also make notes on the items to explain that you'd welcome a pre-loved pack n play (just for example). You can also put a little paragragh at the beginning of the registry stating your wishes.

As others mentioned, eco-friendy is "hip" right now so it is easy to find organic products at the big name stores. So that might help too. I mean, you will still need blankets and crib sheets (if using a crib) and bibs and clothes and things like that. All of which I've seen at BRU in organic and eco-friendly fabrics. There are also good natural baby care products (baby wash, etc) and more eco-friendly disposable diapers available at the big chains. If you plan on using cloth diapers, put those on your registry too. My good friend came through for me and bought a bunch of the diapers I had picked out. Since cloth can be an investment to get started, that was a huge help.

I find that telling people I don't have the space is a good excuse for less "stuff." But I have also tried to explain deeper reasons behind "why" to relatives. Honestly, they don't get it or don't care. Even after I started my store (see below) I was bombarded with plastic, cheap toys for xmas! Ahh! So I've decided to pick my battles, return what I can, and donate or hand-down things when I'm done with them. In the end, a gift is a gift and sometimes you have to accept it graciously regardless of if it's wanted or needed.

Oh and if I can spam my store Non-Toxic Tots I carry eco-friendly products for little ones. :)
I used myregistry.com so I could add things from different minimalist, eco-approach websites since I couldn't find just one that had good prices for everything and I didn't want anybody nice enough to buy us a gift to have to spend a mint on it unnecessarily.



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