My husband and I just started trying for our second baby. I wanted to use a Midwife with our daughter but because of our insurance I went with an OB. After my experience with a OB in a hospital, I know I definitely want to plan a home birth. But I'm having problems finding a midwife. The only one I know of in the area is a Nurse-midwife who is part of the same practice as my OB. How did you ladies go about finding a midwife?  I don't personally know any homebirthers to ask so any pointers you ladies have would be great. Thanks

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I found my midwife through friends and reading blogs of other people in my area that have homebirthed. I also asked my retiring midwife who she would suggest me to use in the future. I googled "midwife in *my area*" and got pretty much the same results.

I can give you references if you live in Ohio

I would contact the doula's in town.  They will know where to find them.  Also try a local chapter of ICAN (International Cesearean Awareness Network), or even LLL (Le Leche League). 

Depending on your location, many of us doulas/monrtices can point you in the right direction and give some great feedback with midwives we have worked with.  That is terrific that you are going for a homebirth this time!  You won't be disappointed!


Let me know and I will see what I can do to help you out :)

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A lot of it depends on what state you are in and what their laws are concerning midwife licensing. Where are you located?
Thanks for all the replies. I live in Wichita, KS. I've googled to try and find some listings and have found a couple names.  I think I may contact a couple doulas to see who they would recommend. Just going with names I find on the internet makes me nervous. What questions did you ask before you chose your midwife?
Ask your local doulas and independent childbirth educators.



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