I have a friend/doula client who is due to have her baby in November. We had been discussing what kind of birth she was going to have and while she liked the idea of homebirth, she was a little apprehensive, for the same reasons that many women are. Then she found the piece of information that swayed her to the way of homebirth - if there is a flu pandemic going on, that can be especially hard for third trimester women, why on earth would you give birth in a hospital? with a bunch of sick people???
I think that this flu outbreak could/should be a wake-up call for women to why having a baby in an evironment that contains only the family germs is the best possible place for baby and for mom.
Any one else thinking about this?

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This came up for me just yesterday. I was at a birth in a hospital that has shared postpartum rooms, except for three or four private rooms. Whenever I attend a birth at this hospital, I request a private room for my clients. Up until yesterday, it's never been an issue. The reason: the private rooms were all filled with people who had H1N1. In the same ward as all the healthy babies and mamas. Yuck. I would have never known if I hadn't requested a private room.
Wow! I agree! homebirth is a perfect choice during the flu outbreak . Media should talk about it!
I agree -- I feel so much safer at the thought that I will be giving birth at home, where I know that the environment is clean and relatively within my control. I am also not inclined to receive the H1N1 vaccination, and I like knowing that my midwife would never pressure me to get a flu vaccine, whereas a hospital/OB-GYN might do so in order to cover their legal liabilities.
Yes! Exactly what I thought when they started talking about how hard this illness can be on pregnant women! I don't have to be in a hospital with sick people! Yay!
Exactly!! This thought also hit me about 3-4 weeks ago.. :) I have worked for a doctors office for almost 11 years now, and have NEVER received a flu shot...and I'm really not wanting to start now...despite the fear that has been thrown at me from all sides... I always get a sigh of relief when I think about my upcoming home birth as I will avoid the height of the H1N1 cases in the hospitals.. as always, praying for a smooth home birth. :)
Great discussion! Hospitals should only be for sick people and emergencies! It seems to me like there is much greater risk in getting the flu at the hospital than there is being at home with less exposure to mom and baby! Go home birth!
Sunshine tomlin....is this common knowledge for the women delivering in this ward? I would be horrified to come to the hospital to give birth and find out that very sick people with confirmed H1N1 were right down the hall from me. I would actually throw a fit.
I think this is a totally valid reason to opt for homebirth. I had a FB mini-discussion about this...how to properly visit the newborn in the hosp (gloves, gowns, masks...blah blah blah) and in my opinionated mind (:0) I kept thinking, "Yet another reason to opt for homebirth!" (Disclaimer, I know it is easier said than done for many!).

I too think that regardless of a flu outbreak, there are tons of germs in the hospital that one can only get while being in that facility. And many of the subsequent illnesses are becoming harder and harder to treat with antibiotics....I know quite a few friends who wound up with staph infections in their cs wounds and drugs did nothing!!! Very scarey!
Flu was one of the reasons my husband and I decided to plan for a homebirth. We are 28 weeks along and have been debating the H1N1 vaccine for me. I work in a high school library and despite the fact that most kids would normally stay away from the library, in my school, the library is the place to be so I see lots of kids on a daily basis and we've had a small outbreak of H1N1. So just curious, what have other heard about the H1N1 vaccine?
I totally agree hospitals are for sick people! I just saw a very sad story on NBC Nightly News. A 20 year old girl 7 months pregnant came down with the swine flu. She was admitted to the hospital and they decided to give her a c-cection and she died from breathing complications form the flu 2 days after her daughter was born...it was sooo sad I cried. The baby was perfectly hea;thy though, but so sad to see a life taken so young. As much controversy with the swine flu, I did get the shot for it. I am having a home birth, but I am still going to the hospital for prenatal visits and I also work as a hairstylist and go to college. I'm hoping I did the right thing.
I just saw on the news last night that in Kansas (where I live) they are not giving the first batch to pregnant women and children under 2 because of the Thimerisal (mercury) in the vaccine. Supposedly there will be a Thimerisal-free version soon. I've heard a lot about making sure you take extra vitamin D to boost your immune system, a lot of doctors have been saying this. I've been doing that with myself and my 20 month old. Good luck with your decision!
The hospital that I delivered my first child at has recently put into effect the following: Any mother showing symptoms of H1N1 will be separated from her baby for 48 hours after birth.

I am due with my second child November 19th and am so glad that my husband and I have chosen to go with the homebirth this time around.



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