It was absolutely wonderful. My baby girl (surprise because although I wanted a girl, I was sure this child would be my 4th boy), arrived a nice 8lbs 5oz 21.5inches at home in my living room in the water. Dad caught her, and she was greeted lovingly by mother, 2 wonderful midwives, doula and my younger sons ages 5 and 2.


It was a blissful labor and birth, followed by an even more blissful post partum period as I ate corn dogs on my own couch, nursing my baby and was greeting by cake, strawberries and a singing group of women wishing my daughter a happy birthday!


All went well, no problems at all, despite slight meconuim and a true knot in the cord (oh the horrors!)


By the way, her name is Simone Renee and of course I believe she is absolutely beautiful.

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Congratulations, Sweetheart!!  Beautiful picture.  With 3 big brothers she'll be well protected along with pretty much blamed for

I love her name...Simone is gorgeous.

Thank you so much! :-)
Congratulations again Patrice! I just had to comment on the knot. A friend of mine went 12 days overdue with her daughter, and had a gentle home water birth, just like you. Her baby also had a true knot, and she was told that if she had been under the care of an OB in the hospital, they would have of course pushed induction. And because the baby did not engage until labor began, the induced contractions would have pulled the knot tighter, and it would have led to distress, and either a tragic outcome (or at best, an emergency c-section). She is so glad she had patient midwives, and I bet you are, too:) Hope you're enjoying your babymoon, and the excitement of a baby girl after three boys. I know that feeling!
congratulations!!!  how exciting!  girls are so much fun!!!

I love it!  Welcome Simone Renee!


All the best,


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