Hi all,

I'm looking for inspiring, beautiful, successful HBAC stories to post at Bring Birth Home.

Under the category "Birth at Home," I have three sub-categories: home birth, (which relates to all home birth stories where baby is born on a bed, in the living room, kitchen, etc) water birth stories and unassisted birth stories.

I am still accepting successful home birth stories for those categories as well, but looking to branch out to HBAC, a group I haven't yet received stories from. 

As sharing your home birth after cesarean story, you are shedding powerful light on the subject. Many, many women have no idea there are options for them after a c-section. 

Bring Birth Home is getting more and more visitors every day. Your voice is important.

If you have a website or blog that you'd like me to link back to, I absolutely will. Just provide a small head-shot of yourself and a link to your desired site.

Email your HBAC to: KaitlinRose@BringBirthHome.com

Thanks so much!

p.s. also please send at least one picture of you and/or baby just after birth

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