As many of you know we have been working on a follow up film to The Business of Being Born, to be released this fall. We are deep into the editing now and are hoping some of you might help us out by sharing your personal birth footage and photos. Specifically, we are looking for:

1. Homebirth video footage
2. Birth video footage from anyone who had a VBAC.
3. Video of a sonogram
4. Photos of women recovering post-birth, looking especially unhappy or suffering.
5. Video footage of a free-standing birth center (exterior & interior)
6. NICU footage
If you have any of the below materials and would be willing to let us use them in the film, please fill out and sign the attached release form and mail us your footage by August 15, 2009 on DVD, mini DV, DVCam or any format you have, to the address below. Please do not send us your only copy as we will not be able to return the copy you send us. If you have photos (for item #4) or any questions you can email us at

Mail footage with a brief description and the release form to:

Amy Slotnick
Business of Birth
15 W 11th St #3A
NY, NY 10011

Please note we will blur out faces of any doctors, birth attendants or people in the footage from whom we do not have approval.

Thanks for your help!

Warmly, Ricki & Abby

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nothing specific, however we cannot use vhs tape so it depends what format it is on.
you can but please dont send us your only copy as I cant guarantee returning it.
I am sending you a short video fragment of a home birth in which I demonstrate my invention as a midwife. It means offering a heel support during the squatting position during the last 10 minutes of the pushing stage. This primigravida gave permission to use the footage for purpose of informing midwives and pregnant ladies. If needed I can add subtitling in english.
Thank you - would you mind sending a release form? It is attached to this post
Where do I find your attached "release form"?
if you scroll up you will see it attached under where it says Warmly, ricki & abby.
Yes, I can see it now, but have to think about it. I can send the footage on whatever format you like (mini- DV-Tape, DVD) Is Pal- standard a problem? Do you need english subtitling?
sorry we cannot use pal. we can use mini dv, or dvcam but not pal. you dont need to subtitle. but if you can only send pal then I guess nevermind sending. thanks.
I just had to reply to this and say THANK YOU!!! After watching your film; I was inspired and compelled to finally trust my instincts; baby number 4 was born at home on April 13th, 2009! I have footage of the delivery but it is (unfotunately) a bit close-up. My new baby boy was 10 lbs at birth and it was a difficult end to my otherwise typical labor. I am convinced I would have had a c-section if I had not been at home; he was not delivered until nearly 6 hrs after I was fully dilated (I did not push all that time!). He was perfect, and it was by far the best experience I could ever hope for! Thank you again for setting the record straight!
Hello, I'm from Rome and had two wonderful homebirths. I made a video (using One True Media) with all the photos of my first homebirth. Does this interest you? I would be happy to give you a little help!
(yesterday I ordered BoBB, you made a really good job)
Hello, this is Elisabetta again. I have my video posted on You Tube, have a look!

Thanks! Elisabetta
I had a successful, beautiful, completely natural VBA2C on April 7, 2009. This was also the first time I was in labor after being denied that experience by my previous OB. My current OB was the only one in the state (Oklahoma) who would allow me to labor and deliver my son vaginally. I do have a brief video of his birth but only on my hard drive.

Is this a video or story you would be interested in for the new movie? If so, I will gladly share it. If not, no worries!

Thanks for your time.

--Michelle English



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