I've noticed something a little bit interesting - women who only birth in hospitals seem to only have 2-3 kids while women who homebirth tend to have more. Do you think the two are related? Or do you think that Women who have many children just trust the process more? I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on this...

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I had 2 c-sections and swore when i got pregnant with my daughter it was my last. After her birth at home i was pretty sure i was still done having kids. But as the months have gone by and her birth is getting farther in the past i am finding myself wanting to do it again. I know the labor and delivery hurt but it was so impowering and the bond i have with my daughter is unbelievable. She has been such a calm and good spirited baby and i totally belive that is due to her delivery. Both my sons who were born in a hospital had colic and my second son didn't sleep through the night for 6 months and would only sleep in his swing.

In a hopital you are told what to do and when but at home it is so natural and is done the way you want. I know i would never have anymore kids if i had to have them in a hospital after experiencing a home birth.
It makes sense in a way. At home birth is beautiful, relaxed, and empowering. Some women have miserable and traumatic hospital experiences and think that THAT is how birth is normally, so they avoid the process all together.

We are done with two though :( I know I want 3... but can't get Alex (hubby) to agree so for now this will be our last.
Definatley an intersting correlation. I think it probably is true. I have not had a home birth yet (are planning our new baby to be born at home - due in Nov), but my daughter was born drug-free in a hospital. Her birth was so amazing, and I wonder what it would have been like if it would have been at home. I think most women who want to or do have their children at home have a different outlook on the world, and themselves. I think they are more into families, natural ways of healing, and being in comfort. IMO, when the birth experience is positive and amazing, the idea of more children is easier to embrace. Plus, maybe moms who are more natural in their lives do not believe in contraception? Just an idea!
My experience is that I have given birth three times at home and I consider the days I gave birth to be the best days of my life. Included are the days following the birth where we are all just in bed hanging out and staring at the precious new member of the family, nursing and sleeping. For this reason, it is hard to imagine that I won't get to do it again! I want to so bad, even if the idea of four children is slightly scary. I want to have another child, my husband will go with it if I'm sure about it and my three kids (at least the two older ones who really know what this entails) want us to have a baby. It's hard not to go for it, what would stop us? I can imagine that if I had less awesome birthing experiences, I might be more daunted at the idea of having another baby. Very interesting topic!
Very interesting replies! I think that's a bit of two things - one, I think that a lot of women who have babies at home have an easier time with both birth and with the post-partum period, so having more just seems like doing something amazing again; two, I think that women who plan on having a larger number of children have a greater appreciation for the natural process of labour and know that their birth would be a better experience for everyone if it happened at home - can you imagine finding childcare for 6 or 7 children so that you can go to the hosptial for a day or two? Egads!
Well they could be related.. Here is my story, I've had all five hospital births.. They weren't planned that way though.. My 4th was a planned home birth, with a midwife and then I had to transfer.. I had a horrible hospital experience with the OB on call and treated like I had 3 eyes because I "didn't have prenatal care". With our fifth, I saw a CNM in a practice who I loved and planned a UC at home. So, when time came for Logan to make his arrival my water broke and our heat was broken too.. So, we had to go to the hospital. That said, that hospital birth was fabulous.. I had him standing up and the nurse caught him, the midwife never made it. lol It helped heal me from the traumatic birth I had previously had..

I go off topic, sorry. LOL But the reason why I was planning home births was because it's easier. So I can totally understand why someone who has a lot of home births could have a lot of children.. That and home birth are addictive in a big way. ;) Anymore we have, I will be getting care from a midwife but planning a home birth, UC, whatever.. It's just easier and plus my little ones are majorly attached so it was hard on my youngest when the new one was born..

The two go hand in hand. When you are open to life and whatever number of children you're given, there is an element of peace about the whole birth process. Staying at home and trusting in your provider just makes sense.
I have had 2 kids- 1 at a birthing center and the other at home. We don't plan on having anymore, but I know I'd love another homebirth experience!
I could see why it would be if it were true. I had my 1st in the hospital and my 2nd at home. All future children will be born at home.
I love pregnancy and birth though. Some women do not. Some have a horrible pregnancy and great birth, and it's different for others.
I think there may be a correlation, but I don't know how strong it is. I know a lot of "large" families who homebirth, and I'm hoping for a large family myself, so we could be examples of that connection. Then again, I know families with five or six kids who had all hospital births. Heck, the Duggars have what, nineteen now (?), and even though I'd take her for a homebirther, all of hers have been in the hospital.
They could be related... My first birth was very traumatic, and I decided while my legs were in stirrups that I would never do that again. At that point I thought the only way to avoid doing it again was to not have anymore children. I was an only child (OP, forcep baby) so my daughter could be an only child too (OP, vacuum baby.)

And then I was introduced to the world of doulas, midwives, and homebirth....

Now I have another beautiful OA daughter, lol... and I'd love more children... even if they are OP!
My last birth was a homebirth. She is baby #4, and is the last child I plan on having. The first two births were in hospital, a singleton VB and twins, with the second being a c/s which prompted me into researching my childbirth options, and choosing a HBAC for myself and my child. I would not have had any more kids after the c/s if the hospital was the only option available. Homebirth may equal more children because there's so much less trauma, both emotional and physical, and it seems easier to focus on the joy of having the baby arrive. When hospital birth is unpleasant and scarring, it makes sense that women would only have a few children.



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