I've noticed something a little bit interesting - women who only birth in hospitals seem to only have 2-3 kids while women who homebirth tend to have more. Do you think the two are related? Or do you think that Women who have many children just trust the process more? I'm curious as to everyone's thoughts on this...

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I have always wanted to have lots of kids before experiencing a homebirth with my first baby. But now that I've had that amazing experience, I feel like I could have 10 more kids. I just felt like I could do anything after giving birth and I know that I will have as many children as God blesses me with. I actually can't wait to have my next homebirth and my daughter is only 5 months old. It was not easy, but it is addicting the rush that you get when the baby is finally here. By the way, we won't be getting pregnant anytime soon, we will wait the recommended 2 years between pregnancies.



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