I'm planning a Home Birth in Feb of this year and the winters here in MN can get pretty brutal. Everyone's major concern about me having my first HB with baby #3 is the fact that I live in the country 30 min from the hospital and am due in winter. I have not received positive feelings from anyone other than my midwife and husband about my choice of HB. I don't have the support system that I envisioned. I stopped talking to people about it because now I'm starting to even doubt myself that I can have a safe HB. Is 30 min too far if something goes wrong or should I trust in my body that everything will go fine?

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We are thinking about moving 30 min from the hospital out to the country, and I'm due in Feb. Here is what my midwife told me: It is just as safe to give birth at home as it would be to drive to the hospital on snowy winter roads. I think 30 minutes is about my limit of how far I want to be, but it's not impossible.



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