How is one to have patience when finally in the "green zone"!!!

I am now 38 weeks, 4 days pregnant and am DONE! The thing is, I don't know why I feel like this. Physically, I don't feel terrible. I still sleep well, I eat well, I can walk and still do everything. I chase after my toddler and clean my house and take care of my 8 year old....why do I feel so ready to have this baby out? Is it just the excitement that I'm having trouble being patient for? We don't know the gender of the baby, and I am anxious to find out. I know that once the baby comes I'm going to have a lot more work on my hands, so you'd think that it'd deter me from wanting to rush things along! The only reason I can come up with is that I just want to hold my baby and share him/her with the rest of the family! My cervix is super soft, baby is at Zero station...but I'm not dilated at all...It's a toss up as to when this little one will come! My daughter came at 37 weeks, my son came at 40 weeks, 4 days....there is just no predicting! Is there anyone out there who knows that it is silly to want to be done so soon, yet can't control themselves from wanting labor to come ASAP? I've been doing all the silly things that I know don't work...spicy food, raspberry leaf tea, swallowing evening primrose oil, sex, walking, bouncing on a birth ball, twiddling my nipples....I think those are just good distractions and time fillers than actually doing anything! Aaagh! I can't help myself...I will pray before I go to bed that this is the night I wake up in labor....Lol.

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Hi! I do nutrional counseling along with having had a home birth and been a doula for three friends. I felt that same feeling when pregnant with my son and it turned out I was low on Vitamin B. You might try taking a B-Complex for a few days and see if that doesn't help!
I had a hard time trusting, trusting that all of my responsibilities would not overwhelm me, trusting that someone would give me some support and attention that is as complete and intimate in meeting my needs as when I birthed before. I knew the pace I set for myself in life was involved, intense. I saw birth as an actual break in that.
WOW, now that I say it, it sounds even more naive than I was. Though it was partly true.
Others did step up to help and support. I have since met Moms, part of groups that support one another for a month before AND after. I admire women and Moms, GrandMoms, Sisters etc. who sense this need, this period of realization, this overwhelming sense of direction to accomplish.
Maybe you have a friend who can take your kids for a day and night? Please have your toddler toddle overe to you, snuggle with YOU.
Have your 8 year old bring you water and snacks, a blanket and a book.
Your children are fortunate to have you, it would be good if you could have you, some alone time?
Lol. I feel you mama.

To answer your question--just think of me, who had to wait until 43 weeks to have my second. I held on til 41 weeks okay and then almost lost my mind. Just think the odds are you'll *never* go that long, lol.

Maybe try to take the focus off the baby coming (almost impossible I know) and fill your days. I remember we planned family days to the Aquarium and other fun stuff you usually don't do in every day life. I started craft projects....anything to keep me busy.

Good luck!
Just an update...I am now 40 weeks, 2 days pregnant...yes, still pregnant. 4 cm dilated, effaced and baby is engaged...just no labor. Well, lots of "practice labor" but not the real thing yet. Starting to get really down...not sure how much longer I can do this. 3rd babies are supposed to not be so difficult!
Just think about how much progress you're making without being in active labor! That's great! Hang in there. The time is drawing near.
I'm fairly positive that you have had your baby by now, but I'm just now going to through the same thing. I'm 39 weeks 6 days and going nuts. And like you, I'm not that uncomfortable. I think I wake up about every two hours at night to pee, but I'm still sleeping decently. Heartburn is my only real complaint, and it's been better lately since the baby has dropped. Logically, I know that when the baby comes I'll get little sleep and have more on my plate than I already do, but I still can't help feeling anxious and wanting the baby to just GET here already! It seems silly to me even, because before I always thought I would be patient and not in a rush.



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