I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the fact that most insurance companies will not cover homebirth. Even though (I think) I am done having children myself, I feel it is such an injustice to all women not to have the choice on how and where they give birth, especially when homebirth has been shown to be as safe as hospital birth for low risk mothers/ babies. I had all three of my babies in a hospital because insurance covered it 100% and homebirth would have cost at least $3000 out of pocket. I will always regret not having a homebirth. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on what I (or we) could do to change this so women could have the option of homebirth covered by insurance. We need this to change.

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tell your employer...they pay the premiums...and appeal to your insurance carrier...i did and got it covered.... www.kikilaroo.wordpress.com
Well first things first, it needs to be legal in all 50 states to give birth at home with a midwife. In my state you can give birth at home but it's a felony if you have a midwife assisting you. Ergo, I pay out of pocket for my midwife ($1800) because even alerting our insurance would be a BAD idea.
I agree. It needs to be fought, but like Meredith, we need it to be legal to start the fight. I hope to become more active about it soon.
I am floored to find out that it is illegal to home birth in some states!!!!! I cannot believe it! DH and I are talking about having another baby and I plan to have a home birth. I will be calling my ins. soon to see what all the cover or should I say DON'T pay for. I will let you know how it goes...



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