I'm in a state that does not license midwives.  I've submitted the necessary paperwork to my insurance company from myself and the midwife to possibly get some reimbursement for prenatal and childbirth related expenses (homebirth), but the insurance company is asking for a physical address for the midwife.  She does not want them to have this information (she only listed a PO Box and I understand why).  Has anyone been in a similar situation?  Any way around it?  I knew getting any money back would be difficult but I want to try everything I can before I give up. Thanks!

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I always just paid for my homebirths even if I had to do payments. When insurance companies get involved there are a lot of questions and requirements... it was just easier to pay it.
Elena - I know! We paid everything up front but thought there was a small chance we might get some money back but weren't expecting this issue to crop up. I look at it this way too- with what we would have paid deductible/copay-wise for a hospital birth, the home birth wasn't that much more expensive.
Does your midwife have a doctor or doctor's office they work with in addition to her own practice? Maybe you could use the professional address for the insurance company so your midwife will be protected but the company will be happy.
No, she didn't work with anyone. Thanks for the reply though.
Well if you find a clever solution I'm sure lots of other people would be interested in how to get a little help with the cost. Sorry I can't help!



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