I was just wondering when or if 2nd time moms experience lightening before labor? I've heard different things. Some say you don't drop until right before labor and others say it can happen a week to two weeks before (kind of similar to first pregnancies). Also, I was 10 days early with the birth of my son. Do most moms go early with their 2nd pregnancy if they did with their first or is there just as much of a possibility that I could be later than my due date this time around?
I'm 37 weeks today...I'm trying not to be antsy but I'm ready to meet my little girl :)

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I've heard the same thing about not lightening with the second child. I read that dropping does not happen until labor for the 2nd baby, but I'm not exactly sure why.

I went into labor 1 week early with my daughter, which would be this Sunday with this baby! I am pretty sure that moms who have 1st ones early, it doesn't necessarily mean the 2nd one will be too. I am trying not to get my hopes up too much either, but it would be nice to meet my 2nd daughter soon!

Good luck!
I've always heard that 1st labors are long, 2nd labors are short and 3rd labors are anything goes! Of course that didn't really apply to me. I had a normal length 1st and a super long second (posterior baby) but I don't really remember the lightening sensation. I know when I hit 38-39 weeks I was ridiculous, I would have done anything to try to jump start my labor. I checked all the calenders for the full moon, I hung laundry out to "invite the rain" thinking that lower barometric pressure might get things going. I took a little black cohosh on the sly, drank a guinness, had lots of sex, even checked my own cervix! But no. 40 weeks and a day. Both baby's were the same.
I hope you enjoy your last few weeks (or days), there's nothing like having that little person inside you and with you everywhere!
not sure about the lightening thing but I can tell you that my 1 baby was 2 weeks early and my second was 1 day late. So as far as length of pregnancy, nothing is for sure it just happens when baby is ready. You're almost done, hang in there and try to enjoy these last few weeks of kicks, I miss those! I am 14 weeks and can't for those.
I have heard/read/been told that babies usually don't drop with second and subsequent PG until labor starts. Usually. For me it was different. With my 2nd PG I went in 2 days before christmas for my appt and told my MW I was feeling lots of pressure. She checked me and said "oh his head is right here!" He had already dropped. He wasn't born until Jan. 16.

My daughter was born about 2 weeks early (after threatened preterm labor at 24 weeks and a complicated PG) my son was born about a week early after an uncomplicated PG. So, I am w/you in hoping that the trend holds and I go about a week early this time too! But honestly, I think that it is just as likely I could go over my DD. As they say, every PG is different, even in the same woman. My MW has told me not to get my hopes up about being a week early this time. So, I'll wait and see. But I can still hope :)
My 2nd was low from early on. She had dropped before labor started. I would walk and sit with my legs wide open because she was right there. it was quite uncomfy. She came 20 days past my due date.
I had heard that 2nd and more babies do not drop until labor. My first was 3 weeks early, 6 hours of labor. 2nd was on time, 9 hrs labor and 3rd was five weeks early and about 6 hrs active labor. The 3rd didnt drop until labor and I dont remember on the 2nd.
I just had my 37 week appointment and my measurements showed that I have dropped a bit. I don't really have much space between my ribs and my hips in general so I didn't notice it much, but it happened. I've been experiencing some cramping the last couple of days (no stomach hardening, though). It kind of feels like her head is grinding on my cervix or something. My midwife said it's most likely the cervix beginning to open a little. I don't have the feeling that I'll be 10 days early like I was with my son, but that is just fine. I will keep you all updated :)

Thanks for all your comments! It's really neat to read about everyone's different pregnancy and birthing experience!



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