Hello everyone! My name is Nadine, I'm new to these boards but am excited to have found them. I'm a mother to 3 children, my last two were homebirths. My first homebirth was somewhat traumatic, though my son is okay, it was not a gentle, peaceful birth- paramedics were called, though in the end we didn't transfer. My next homebirth was absolutely amazing and an experience I am so grateful to have had.


I also work as a labor and delivery nurse in a hospital that has a very high risk population- though we do have midwives and "low risk women" as well. Prior to working labor and delivery I was trained as a doula and did some births as a doula. I also went to midwifery school (a direct entry program even though I was already an RN working in med-surg) but ended up leaving after a year due to finances.


I went straight from that midwifery school into my position in labor and delivery. I feel absolutely blessed to get to do what I do. I feel that birth is so sacred, and I strive to protect that space in the hospital. Being someone who birthed at home, I absolutely believe in respecting moms, their partners, their babies, and their families, as well as the sacredness of their birth.


When we have women transfer in from homebirths to the hospital I try to be their nurse. I feel so lucky to be able to support them in the hospital, be it in a vaginal birth or a cesarean birth.


With my last birth, my water broke while at work. I finished my shift (only 30 minutes left) and got out of labor and delivery to head home to birth my baby. It was the joke amongst the nurses and doctors that if things happened quickly I'd have to call an ambulance to take me out of our L&D unit to my house :)


That was a long introduction, thanks if you read it all. I'm happy to be here and get involved in some great discussions here.


(As an aside- my mom is a nurse also and was a little concerned that I had a homebirth with my second child. Then with my next pregnancy- about a week before my daughter was born, Ricki Lake came to Seattle for a screening of BOBB and I took my mom- it completely opened her eyes to homebirth and she has became an awesome advocate. She loved the film and we loved seeing Ricki Lake have a discussion with a panel of people).

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welcome!  Awesome to hear your background.  Looking forward to hearing from you on these message boards :).
Welcome and thank you for being a caring understanding nurse in l&d. A lot of women need the gentleness and kindness it sounds like you offer. And congrats on your 2 homebirth's.
So great you have joined this community of women. We all need to respect the sacredness of birth. Welcome!



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