I'm beginning to wonder if I will really get to have a homebirth now.  I've been having constant contractions for 3 days now with no progression... so now I'm exhausted and I'm sure baby is too.

I'm wondering if I should just give up and go to the hospital.  My spirits are so low and I'm wondering if I will ever have this baby.

Thoughts and prayers are welcome... because I sure do need them.

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Will be praying. That has to be hard. I pray that you will get the home birth that you wish for.
Hang in there mama! My baby was 12 days "overdue", she came just at the right moment in her own timing. It was hard to trust her and the process, but I kept communicating with her and then the birth at home was smooth and fast:-) Also know that in France 41 weeks is considered normal and not like 40 over here.
Blessings for a smooth, beautiful birth!
I have no idea what a hospital birth is like. I had my daughter at home and it was wonderful. Upside is, my house is super clean :)
I agree with Brandi. Remember the mental part of it is so important....as hard as it is to be relaxed right now that's exactly what you need to be to have the birth you want. The anxiety of being "overdue" is probably not going to make things happen any faster. If you are with your husband or boyfriend, I'd also recommend getting some "lovin'" in one last time- got things going for me just a couple of hours later. And share your concerns with your midwife so you can ultimately make the best decision for you. Rooting for you!
I know this is probally hard. I wasn't overdue with my first, I was induced @ 39 wk 5 days for a supposed big baby which lead to a c-section. I am having a home birth with this one and I know that at 36 wks I'm really starting to feel pregnant. My hospital midwife (who I see for tests, etc) says if you ever want to make sure the baby is in the right position for labor clean all the baseboards and floors in your house on your hands and knees (a concern for me because that is why I never progressed in my first labor-baby was OP). So I plan on having everything done for due date and then just obsessively cleaning the house from then on-doing the floors every day. I know this is not what you really want to hear, but is is something to do and concentrate on. You're in my prayers.
I hope that you give birth soon.. If you can just rest and believe in your miraculous body. Your baby and your body know when its time to give birth. Blessings!
Thank you so much ladies.

I've been at 3 cm and 50% effaced for about three weeks. My midwife says that my cervix keeps slipping behind that babys' head. I think I would feel just fine if there wasn't so much pressure and contracting going on. My husband has been wonderful through this... we don't even know if we are having a boy or girl so its like waiting on a Christmas that won't get here! lol

Reading this has made me feel much better.
again, I hear you girl! I had so many contractions/prelabor too and got teary everytime I saw a new baby at my midwifes office. She also gave me pulsatilla homeopathy to deal with the emotions and I took some bachflower remedies. Just keep thinking "I'm opening up, my cervix is opening and all is perfect." Hugs!
I'm sending you the most loving thoughts for a beautiful baby warm in your arms.
My heart goes out to you, it's not easy just in general and then there is the added stress of everyone breathing down your neck:( The best advice I can give (besides: take the good advice that's already been given) is that babies don't stay in there forever, so you little one will come out in their time. My first one was 14 days passed the "due date" and my second one was naturally induced after the 15th day passed the "due date" (one estimate at that time was that I was almost 44 weeks pregnant hahaha). I can't stress enough that having other people convince you that somehow you are being a horrible parent and an uneducated person for allowing your body her course of life when it comes to your baby, makes the birthing process and the postpardum recovery really frustrating. If you do feel like you're done with being pregnant and being induced may be the way to go, I suggest being induced naturally (your midwife breaks the water bag with a long, thin crochet needle looking thing) which doesn't necessarily hurt but may be more uncomfortable if your baby just really isn't ready. There are other methods that are natural, some are a little "old-wives tale" which make them more fun to try, and of course be patient and take the advice to try to enjoy yourself a little still;-) But don't let anyone talk you into anything, it's your body and you would know better than anyone if you think there is danger or strain caused to your baby.
Oh, by the way, I regret having been induced (even if it was natural) because I believe that babies come in their time and I wanted my baby to come in her time too.
so agree what you just said, all of it:-)
I waited 13 days past the due date. In July. Off and on contractions for weeks. My husband was sick of me "crying wolf". It wasn't so great to feel like a beached whale in the hottest part of the summer. But I think the extra time was what my baby needed. And ultimately, I had the baby when I was ready. Stay strong and try to keep positive.

Try to sleep. You sound exhausted. Is there anything that is safe to take that might help you sleep?

*easy labor dust* :)



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