I just wanted to talk and listen to ideas about building a strong healthy placenta through diet and exercise. Ive used several methods brewer, green, iron...does anyone else have some ideas?

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I just wanted to express that one of the things I love about home birth is how wonderfully midwives honor the placenta. As a doula I have noticed in hospital births the placenta is not respected for the awesome organ that it is. There are so many functions of this amazing organ, it nurtures the baby, filters out toxins and links mother to child. Above all I made that thing!!! It is healthy and functional because of me! After a birth I always like to check it out see both the maternal and fetal side, note the color and shape, it's thickness. All of these things are effected by the diet and exercise and environment. What a compliment it would be for an OB to say what a fantastic placenta you have built! But most times I notice they just put it in a bowl for a quick look and toss it in a bag. I have worked with two midwives and both took special note of my placenta. The first commented "Your bag of waters was made of steel" the second "Wow! a 42 week placenta has never looked so good".
Raspberry Leaf tea works wonders...
What does it do?
I love this poem I found on the web, no idea who wrote it but it's GREAT!

Ode to my Placenta

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.

First I love your beauty,
So rich and warm and red.
Placenta you're my pillow
In my cosiest womb-bed.

Second you bring nourishment
And liquid from my mum-
When she eats well, then I eat well,
That's good 'cause I'm so young.

Third you take away my waste
And metabolise the rest.
It goes out through Mum's kidneys,
No work, no fuss, no mess.

Fourthly, you're a barrier
To keep our bloods apart,
For Mum and me are separate beings,
Though connected at the start.

Fifthly you're my advocate-
You tell Mum what to do.
Your hormones keep me growing
And that makes Mum healthy too.

Sixthly you bring Oxygen
Each time Mum takes a breath
I need a lot of clean fresh air
'Cause my lungs don't work yet.

Seventh you're my thermostat
You keep my womb just right.
Mum sweats for me in the daytime
And warms me up at night.

Lastly you're a treasure-chest
Of blood for when I'm born-
The extra mls that fill me up
To birth me in top form.

So please don't cut my cord too soon
And don't pull on it too.
I'll call for my placenta
When I am safely through.

And when you see this wondrous thing
That grew me up so well,
Say thank you to God
Who made us from one cell.
We kept our sons until his first birthday and then we as a family buried it under a special tree (they're all special :) for his birthday celebration!
Howdy! I am trying to find a way to post pictures of my placentas on here. I have pictures of two and a video but having some trouble with my camera and finding the link to load them so I thought I'd share my favorite green shake recipe: I have a crazy power blender to make this but I can give directions on a regular blender too. It made me feel tons better when I was in the early stages and gave me lots of energy toward the later stages.
1 Cucumber- this is just plain yummy, very alkalizing for blood
1 avocado- lots of omegas and helps balance hormones
1 lemon peeled- Vitamin C and gets rid of retained water
1 hand full of greens- I used spinach or kale most of the time both have lots of chlorophyll, B vitamins, iron
1 apple- to sweeten and for the extra fiber
a couple shakes of cinnamon - to help stabilize blood sugar
2 packets stevia to sweeten it up
and 1 cup water
Blend baby blend
Amber-joy Tacey said:
What does it do?

raspberry leaf tea is a great uterine toner. as for building the placenta I dont really know if it does. I am gonna have to look that up now.



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