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This will be my 2nd home birth and I guess I missed the train on Placenta Encapsulation the first time around. I am all set up for the encapsulation but was wondering if any moms out there could tell me their experience with either eating the placenta or taking pills. It is a very interesting topic for me since I am a big fan of mother nature. Hey, if eating a placenta is good enough for animals, then it's good enough for me! I can only stomach the capsules though... not sure I'm brave enough to cook and eat it, although, I give some major kudos to mama's who do!

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I had mine encapsulated. I have a friend who does the encapsulation and a few friends that have taken advantage of it. A big reason why I chose to do it was because of my PP hemmorhage which was severe. The midwife strongly recommended it because of the effective blood building properties of the placenta. I feel that the encapsulation has made a difference over the last couple of weeks in my recovery. I also have had issues with pp anxiety with my last three pregnancies that I have avoided so far. I gave birth on 11/23. I worried that I would have issues with taking the pills because it was my placenta, but it didn't turn out to be a big deal for me. Many of my friends attest to the benefits to PE.
I am planning on doing this too with hb #3 this spring. Like you, I missed the boat the first two times. I actually learned how to do it from a mw friend a month ago, but like you, have someone lined up to do it for me. And I agree, if it works for animals, why shouldn't it work for us? :D
I would love to try it this time around. I've read so many articles on the benefits, and that it helps with PPD. I've had it with both of my girls and would really like to avoid it this time around.
Any websites suggestions or articles you've read? I would like to know more about this topic.....thanks



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