Hey mamas and mamas-to-be that have home birthed or are planning to birth at home!

I'm very excited to be moving forward with my goal of creating a info/educational/just feel good place to go (a website/blog hybrid) to learn about home birth!

So far I have done a lot of research, connected with quite a few home birth mamas who are willing to share their stories and birth art, and have purchased the domain BringBirthHome.com.

Would any of you be interested in participating?

This means contributing content in the form of stories or information, pictures, birth art and any other resources pertaining to home birth.

What's in it for you?

Well...most importantly you're going to be spreading the "good" word about home birth. Less fear and more love. We are a very small percentile in the U.S.

Secondly, I would love if you would include a link to your blog or website of choice, whether it be business based or personal.

I'd love to start expanding the community of home birthers across the web - don't you think BringBirthHome (home to your home and home to your heart) is a great site name?

I am SO excited about it.

Would love your feedback if nothing else! Have a great day.


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I would love to Jenny! email me at kaitlinrose@bringbirthhome.com Thanks so much!
I would love to be part of this. I had my two children at home and was greatly empowered by them.

Same goes to you :) My email is above. I look forward to hearing you stories! If your husband would like to contribute, I'm in dire need of more home birth dads! Thanks :)
Count me in too! I'm a HypnoBirthing teacher and home birth advocate. I'm in the process of creating a home birth childbirth education class for my area because I want to spread the good word about home birthing (in a state where home birth midwives are not able to practice legally). Happy to help with your project any way I can! :)



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