Just wanted to share the good news.  Our baby was born at home this week with just my husband and other children present.  Our only complication was a perineal tear during the delivery of my 9.4# son.  Going to a hospital would have been an automatic surgical birth.  So we are thrilled to have had our baby at home in the warm water of our own bath.  I would not say it was "easy" or "painless".  But our bodies were designed for this and if we give ourselves the chance, we can have the birth we want to have without unnecessary interventions. 



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Hi Shauna,

Congrats on your new bundle of Joy!  And on successfully having a natural birth after 3 previous C-sections!  I ended up delivering my daughter via c-section last september, and lately I've really been struggling to believe that I can have a natural delivery with my second. It just seems like it will be harder to get the system to cooperate. I don't think we will have an unassisted birth whenever we give birth to our next, but I want you to know how encouraging your story is to women like myself. Good for you for doing what was right for yourself, your baby, and your family!!!!

Dear Marci,  thank you for the nice words.  I had a c/s with my 1st, then a vbac in a hospital with a doula I brought with me, then another c/s (twins), then another c/s b/c the staff would not "allow" me to labor when I came in at 5cms after having prior c-sections (even though they agreed during pre-natal care that they would "allow a trial of labor").  We were so discouraged which is why we sought out all available research and chose to go unassisted this time.  In hindsight I may have hired a midwife just as a back up, hands-off helper b/c she could have repaired my tear post-partum or even helped us avoid it if possible.  As it is no doctor has been willing to do my stitches (even an ER) after delivering at home.  The medical system just isn't always on the side of our health.  It is seem concerned with protecting themselves and satisfying the ins. companies.  Unfortunately depending where you live that can cause you to end up with a birth you did not want.  All I can say is believe in yourself and be as educated as possible.  :)

I am horrified that there weren't any doctors who would repair the suture. That is a crime in and of itself. I hope it healed well anyway. You Go Girl!


Yes, it was a "liability" issue!  Hard to believe that can happen in America!  But I am healing now just later than it should have been.  thanks!


More good news for you to think about Shauna.  My best friend delivered her first vaginally, her second by emergency C section, and her 3rd (which were twins) vaginally in the hospital.  It took her some time to interview a few doctors and find one that was willing to work with her but she finally found one and it went smooth as could be!!  Good luck!
That is awesome! Congratulations to you and your family!



Congratulations to you and the entire family!!  Please let me know if you would like suggestions on how to heal the perineal tear.


My best,


Founder/Organic Mommy & Baby Healthcare Solutions


Dear Nicole.  I would love suggestions!  I did have to go to my OB a few days after birth for sutures.  It was "nearly" a 3rd degree tear I am told depends who you talk to.  I am taking vitamin E oil capsules, Garlic oil capsules, 2000-3000 mg of vitamin C a day, and gelatin daily, and probiotics.  I was taking coloidal silver for a few days too. 



I just saw this!  Wow!  Congratulations!  So with an unassisted birth, did your hubby just do all the stuff a midwife would do to check you and the baby afterward or what? I've had 3 homebirths (after my 1st baby was a c-sec) and I am not sure I would feel comfortable just me and my husband doing it.  But I think it's only because I just don't want to take the time to learn more than I absolutely have to to have my births at home at all!  In reality, my midwife was mostly hands-off.  She was just there to check on me, the baby during labor like twice, and then catch the baby and check everything afterward to make sure it was all OK; that I was OK and the baby after birth.  I also have my sister(s) acting as doulas.  I think I need lots of emotional support during labor!  Hubby is great but he's not a woman! haha   So four kids, huh?  Me too!!  I want another one!

Hi!  We were very educated going into it.  But in reality it is instinctual.  Hubby broke my bag of water b/c it was coming out intact.  He also caught baby and did the cord when it was time.  He did other simple things like the Apgar test, checking my blood pressure etc.  I may have been more mellow with other women around... not sure.  I just wanted to make sure it was a raw natural experience untouched by interventions of any kind that have railroaded us in the past.  We have 7 children because one birth was twins and we also adopted a child after #5 was born :)  Great to hear you have had so many successful births!!!!!


SEVEN kids?!!  Even better!  I'm one of 7!!  Yay!  So cool!  What I love about my midwife is she is really pretty much hands-off and anything she might think is necessary she talks to me about first and gives me all the facts, pros and cons, and if I say no, she's fine with that.  I'm sure if it had anything to do with a serious life threat, she'd override my 'no.'  She's very good at what she does and has been doing it for a long time.  Sometimes I think I could do the labor part w/out her and just call her when I'm done but she's 2 hours away so I'm not sure about that!  haha

I know how you feel about not wanting interventions.  There was so much trauma from my first birth, there was no way I was going through that again unless it was absolutely necessary. And since it wasn't the first time, I pretty much bet that it wouldn't be the next time.

Aw, congratulations again!  I miss having a newborn around. My youngest is almost 2. I lost a baby in November or I would've been about to have another one..  I think there will be another one soon.  :-)




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