In November 2008, I home-birthed our firstborn son at 41 weeks, 4 days.  I loved it!  After my placenta was delivered, it was examined and found to have calcified spots in it.  I am extremely curious to find out if anyone knows why that may have happened.  I do not smoke or drink (never have), and I eat healthy (though not organic).  (I have heard smoking and an unhealthy diet can cause the placenta to calcify.)  I would appreciate any insight anyone might have!  Thanks!

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This actually happens as the placenta starts to age. It is normal and generally doesn't affect the way the placenta functions unless it happens too early, meaning the placenta is aging or breaking down too early in the pregnancy. However, given that you were 41 weeks 4 days, some calcification is normal and to be expected. It doesn't mean anything was wrong or that you were unhealthy, nor did it affect your baby.
I have seen many calcified placentas that are >40wks in healthy women & normal pregnancies. Commonly placentas begin to calcify after 40wks.
That's great to know. Thank you so much, Sara and Tanashia!



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