I'm the father of three (3, 2 and one due in October) and with the encouragement of my wife I've started a podcast/show called The Natural Childbirth Show.  You can listen to the first episode on iTunes or at http://www.NaturalBirthStories.com.  

Here's my question.  What do women need and/or want to hear regarding natural childbirth?  So far we've had 4 birth stories from moms of various levels of experience (some with 4 kids, some who had their first baby this week).  We also plan on having on doulas and midwives.  So what would YOU want us to talk about?  


My wife and I have had our first two kids naturally in hospitals but I felt a need to start this show because I'm tired of women not hearing the truth about their own ability to have a natural childbirth.  I really appreciate your ideas.  Thanks.

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I think women need to know that childbirth is not necessarily painful. Contractions are progress. Contractions make it one step closer to seeing your new baby. Let your body do what it knows to do.


Every time I converse with a pregnant woman I always make sure they know it does not hurt. People are always more than happy to tell others their "horror" stories. Every woman that has had positive birth experiences have a responsibility to tell others about how amazing it can be when you have a home birth, free of stress, full of positive energy and love.


I am proud to be a 4x home birther, daughter to a 5x home birther, and grand-daughter to a 4x home birther.



Hi Andy

I think its a great question and one that we need to keep coming back to for women as a reference point for birthing in amongst the haze of what is natural birth in this modern day??

I am based in Australia and am the founder and facilitator of bellydancebirth since 1997 (I have released a world first book Dance Of The Womb and a wonderful DVD) and have 3 kids ( 2 home water lotus births) my last was in October 2008 when I was 46 years of age..yes natural home waterbirth...her birth film/doco is on my DVD..I am still BESTfeeding at almost 49....


My bottom line is that women need to know that the POSSIBILITY for natural conscious aware childbirthing is REAL and available to them.....to get back to the HEART of THEMSELVES and hence birthing and WOMBEN and LISTEN to our bodies and babies..we are externalizing birth to such a degree that soo many women have lost touch with their own ESSENCE and MASTERY of this natural journey..ITS BIG!

LOve to talk more

my website is




all best

I am 24, pregnant with my first, due in December, and I feel I grew up in a time of fear... that the birth process is painful, scary, needs medical interventions, close doctor and nurse supervision, and that you never know when something bad is going to happen.  The more I educated myself, the more calm and at peace I feel about the birthing day... I am looking forward to it, actually.

I would like to have women educated on what, specifically, are signs of trouble and what severity of trouble, what the trouble signs mean.  Also want to hear the signs of a healthy labor experience, and what the healthy signs mean.  Would be good to hear what you can do to prepare for the labor experience as far as natural remedies, birthing classes, and then what the hospital interventions mean for mom and baby.

Wish you great success on the podcasts.  I have it bookmarked.

Hi evie

Check out my website 


if you are looking for a peaceful natural approach to birthing......

I have written a book and released a DVD Dance Of The Womb featuring 2 hours of exercise and my homebirth film at 46 years of age...

inspiring and uplifting

all best




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