We had this discussion at our local homebirth meetup group, and I thought it would be interesting to hear from you ladies as well.

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I have 2 sons (6, preemie and Vaginal; 2, c-section) who's births were traumatic for different reasons but all the same traumatic. I chose a home birth because it is my best bet at having a successful VBAC after having just about every OB I've ever seen tell me that I would NEVER have another vaginal birth. I want to have a natural, augmentation free, pressure free birth. More-so, I want to be able to be comfortable with my environment and be able to have a huge say in what happens with MY labor, birth and baby!
I decided home birth was for me after thinking about what my labor and birth would look like and feel like in a hospital. It just wasn't for me - the florescent lights, the linoleum floors, hospital gown, nurses in and out, hospital bed...the whole scene was just NOT my scene. I felt tense (and still do) just thinking about it and did not want to be stressed out during the birth of my baby.

My home birth ended up being just what I wanted. No one to argue with. No strangers. Just family, my midwife, doula and fiance. Even my dog! I loved it.

Thanks for this discussion :)
Hi! My name is Tanashia & I am 36wks. This is my 3rd pregnancy & I am a Labor & Delivery nurse (9yrs exp). I had my first 2 daughters with a CNM in a hospital. Because I have chronic high blood pressure, I was labeled "high risk" & scheduled for an induction with both at 38wks. Needless to say, both labors were a cascade of unnecessary medical interventions. I always knew in my heart that it was all unnecessary, but was trying to be the compliant nurse friendly patient. In short, we chose a HB for this baby because we now realize that we don't "have to" deliver in a hospital. My blood pressure is well managed by my primary MD; therefore, I'm NOT "high risk!". As a nurse, I am saddened by how birth, women, & newborns are treated within the medical model in hospitals. My prayer is that my daughters will witness the birth of their sister in our home & always know that they have a CHOICE! Sorry so long. I really could go on much longer ;)
we would love to hear more!
For me it was a gradual build up (lots of exciting details on my blog... ) but the one thing I could not shake was evidence based care. I just couldn't get past the lack of evidence based care in the hosptial. and the fact that I didn't want to have a csection, which my odds were hugely increased, just by stepping foot into the hospital.

I decided on hb at month 7/8 so it was quite gradual. For #2 and upcoming #3, it's straight to hb.
My first son was born in the hospital, and I had a very negative experience. I was planning on delivering at a different hospital with my second child, but I ended up switching doctors several times, and at 28 weeks found a midwife that accepted private insurance, so I was able to have a home birth.
I always felt birth was normal, as a child I believed it was like swallowing and sleeping. Simple, straightforward.
I had been to the emergency room as a child and always knew serious concerns could be handled fairly immediately.
Mindset, not altered at any point was the basic factor.
I also did not believe that spending a fortune on something my body knew how to do, like nursing my babe after birth. I felt intervention and extra devices was unnecessarily burning money and resources.
I have a bit of a parasitic sense of systems wanting to "help" with anything I could do myself. (MY issue)
I wanted no tech.
I did this and my birthing was just as I had always imagined.
My story is a little long, so I've included a link to my blog post. Honestly, if I hadn't just typed it up, and spent a few days contemplating, it would have been much longer. :)

Why I Chose a Home Birth
I had my first 2 at home with midwives. I decided to because I was concerned with the amount of intervention at a hospital birth. Also, in Canada, having a midwife is the only way to guarantee that you will know your caregivers. I wanted a quiet calm atmosphere and an experience that I had some control and say over. My last birth was at hospital 2 years ago and was a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE. In Canada the regular staff is so anti midwife. The nurses and doctors have in my opinion the wrong view of home birth being so unsafe and irressponsible. Yet, I know my hospital experience they put myself and my third child at more risk (breaking my water at 6cms without even checking if her head was engaged, it wasn't). It got worse from there. In hopital there is no support. They just want to give you pain meds to shut you up and don't even stay with you or support you. I am pregnant again and want another home birth. I am not getting much support on this idea right now. My family doctor and husband reference my third childs birth, but do they consider that if I had been monitored more closely during pregnancy and left alone with less intervention that maybe the outcome would've been better?
I am currently in my third pregnancy. I had my first two boys at the hospital My first who's 5 with an epidural (i was very young and not educated) my second 16months I had naturally, but with a vacunm. I knew in my heart afterwards I would have been able to push him out myself, if I was able to move around more and if given the chance and support. When I found out I was expecting my third I knew I would do it naturally again. Initially I looked into doing a water birth in a hospital or birth center. When I researched it there were no options close enough for me. The hospital I had had my two sons at refused to allow water birth as an option, thinking it was to risky. I had seen an advertisment for The Business of being Born on a website and decided to Netflix the movie. A few days later I am sitting on my couch taking in this amazing documentary. After watching it I began to consider home birth. My mother had me at home so I knew I would get my family's support with a home birth. The more I imagined going to the hospital again, the more I dreaded it...not only for me but for my baby. They always whisk the baby away, give home shots and a bath and all these procedures that interupts bonding time with the mother. I joined this site and did more research of my own. I knew in my heart this was the right choice for me. It did take a little convincing of my husband, but once he realized how important it was to me, he was with me 100%. I found a midwife when I was about 20 weeks and I just had my first appointment with her a few days ago, I am now 25 weeks. I am getting more and more excited about the birth. I have chosen to continue to see my OB to make sure I get my lab work which my insurance pays for. I am paying for the midwife out of pocket, but I totally believe it is worth every penny for me and my baby. It was certainly an interesting road to where I came to be planning a home birth, but I know I am making the best choice for my family and I look forward to experiencing birth in a more empowering way.
We are planning a homebirth because it just feels like the right choice for us. After doing some research I felt the hospital would not be able to provide the care we are searching for. Especially after seeing BOBB we figured that homebirth is not just an idea it is something we can follow through on. Once we met our midwife and we are now going through this pregnancy I am 100% sure we are making the right choice!
That's wonderful Andrea!!! I wish you the best of luck, and can't wait to hear about it!!!



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