So I'm pregnant with my 2nd child and am planning on having my first homebirth in November. I'm so excited for the homebirth. I feel very relaxed and peaceful about the decision to experience the miracle of life at home. Unfortunately, my husband and I can only talk about our decision to my side of the family...his side would completely lose their minds and then hound me about it until the end. Also, I never mention it to any of my friends (most of which don't have any children) because I know how pro-hospital birth and epidural they are. We recently had dinner with some close friends who just got married and so, of course, we talked about them wanting to have kids soon which prompted the husband to ask if I was delivering at the same hospital as with my first child. I was going to simply say no and and leave it at that, but my husband said "we are having the birth at home". Then came the dead silence. Our friend is an attorney who works in a law firm that deals specifically with malpractice type cases so you can imagine how he feels about anything "hippie" or off the beaten path. He immediately said "you know that situations arise that require c-sections to be done within a matter of minutes, right?". I am in this all the way and I'm not going to change my mind about the homebirth just because of his inexperienced opinion. I'll admit I do get nervous, but only because this will be my first experience with homebirth. I trust my midwife and know that she would never let me get into a situation that was extremely dangerous.

I guess I'm writing this because I'm wondering if any of you all go through this stuff. Where you feel like you are fighting for something you believe in and you are on your own. My husband is going along with it but he always lets people know that it was MY idea and that ultimately I'll do what I want. I just want someone to be excited for me for once and to be encouraging. I'm determined to keep my spirits up...I know how important it is for me to go into this birth with a happy and positive attitude. No worries :)

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Thank you all again for the amazing encouragement! I'm 39 weeks this week and I'm having little contractions off and on every day. It's almost time! I've been working on my positive affirmations and I know how and when this little baby comes into the world is going to be a beautiful experience. Thank you again!



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