I am pregnant with my 4th child and my 3 previous births were all pretty short. My first birth was just over 8hrs..my second, which was actually pitocin induced was about 5hrs from start of pitocin to birth and my 3rd was a little over 7hrs.  I know every labor is different but I worry that the next labor will be even shorter.

I know to some, it's a crazy thing to be worried about, but this will be my first home birth and crazy as it sounds I've always wanted to labor for a good while before it's over. With my other births, I was felt preoccupied by deciding when to go to the hospital, worrying about fighting the staff against unnecessary interventions and procedures, and hoping my natural birth plans were respected and honored. Then of course, there is the explaining, No drugs, no episiotomy..and the doctor and nurses trying to talk you out of it. It all takes away from the experience.

I am soooo happy with my choice to have a home birth and want to just be in the moment. I just don't want the moment to pass too fast. Can anyone understand where I am coming from? Or am I just nuts?

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You are normal in what you are thinking but even if it was 4 hours its fine!
That is GREAT and plenty to "experience"
You will do great and LOVE not dealing with when to leave, telling staff what you do and don't want..its just all going to BE and happen!
Dont worry, trust your body and your baby and ENJOY. Look forward to it being great!
I don't think you're crazy. I know exactly what you mean.

This was the case with my third birth just three weeks ago. I wasn't even thinking about a fast birth b/c my first was extra long and my second was just perfect--a day or so of easy prodromal, a morning of strong warm-ups, an afternoon nap and then 4 hours of hard labor. In my mind is was perfect because I had time to adjust and get ready and really enjoy it.

With my third I felt crampy in the afternoon, but I figured the birth was still days away so I just went along with my day. Then at about 9:30 at night I started to feel rhythmic cramping, by 10:30 I was having hard contractions every few minutes and the baby was born at 1 am. It was really chaotic b/c I was in denial most of the labor. I just couldn't believe it was happening and I didn't feel ready. I wanted to have a day to just sit in the labor before things sped up.

Anyways, my suggestions (ie, if I could do it again;) I would have taken any sign of happenings as a sign to move into labor land. So as soon as I felt the cramping I would have filled up the tub and gotten the things I wanted ready and then set out to enjoy my day in labor. I think if you are prepared you will do great!

Another thing you can do is start to view the end of pregnancy as the beginning of labor. You know when you start feeling super tired, a little cranky and restless? Give yourself that leeway to enjoy the process as you head into labor.

Good luck mama!
I can totally understand. My first was a little over 8 hrs, my second one was only 4 hrs. So I am worried that the midwife will not make it in time for this one.
Perhaps you can preoccupy yourself with things to do at home if that will help? I tried to have something ready to eat for my midwife and her assistant, doula, kids, husband... ME! I also had music sorted out and books to read and getting the camera and video ready to record. Having stuff immediately ready for the baby took some time as well as having night gown, towels, blankets etc.

Come to think of it, just keeping the house in decent order with all the kids living there preoccupied me a lot!

Another thought might be to keep a little journal or video journal while it is all going on. You might really appreciate that afterwards. Slowing down to organize your thoughts might make you feel as if you truly are getting every moment of the labor, even a very fast labor!

Best wishes for a healthy baby and mom!
I'm with you. My 4th was my home birth. The speeds, respectively, were 8 hrs, 6 hrs, and 2 hours. One of the things that influenced my decision to plan a home birth was the prospective speed of the delivery. I knew I did not want induction or an obstetrician. The nearest hospital that supported midwives was about 40 minutes away, on a good day. In a metro area, if we were travelling during rush hour? I'd totally be screwed.

Turned out, it was a good move. My water broke at 4:45pm on a Friday afternoon. LOL

The labor lasted about an hour and a half.

I actually, also, wish it were longer. I really didn't even have time to think. It was slow, at first. I was going from 5-6 during the first hour or so. Contractions were soft and basically, nothing. We found there was a forebag slowing things. Once we popped that, I went from 6-8 in about 30 seconds. A half-hour later and he was born. Midwives were out of the house by about 11pm, and we slept all night next to the baby in the bassinet like nothing had happened. It was the most awesome thing ever.
I can understand, you can always adopt anti gravity positions to give you more time, head down, bottom up. Stay out of gravity from time to time so you can take your time!
I had the same fear when I was pregnant with my third. I had her at home. I remember having dreams about the midwife not making it in time. I had fairly quick births, my first son was 7 hours, and my second son was 7 hours, but I was pushing fully dilated for 2 1/2 hours. I kept thinking my third (a girl) was going to be fast, and I kept worrying about it. It ended up being my longest labor. It started with very mild contractions at 6pm and continued all night irregularly. I had her at home in a tub at 1pm the next day. It was very strange for it to be much longer then the first two. It was also my easiest most enjoyable birth. I hope you have a wonderful experience at home!! Good luck, you will be great!
I totally understand where you're coming from! I have very quick labors, and they seem to get quicker... my last one was 45 minutes and I felt gypped out of the experience of labor. I hope my next one isn't quite that fast! I missed the gradual increase of intensity, and the lulls between contractions to regroup.
You are not crazy at all. I just had my first homebirth eight weeks ago. My labor with my daughter three years ago was 30 hours, most of which was at home before heading to the hopsital (lots of stops and starts). This time...1.5 hours!! That's right, my water broke and an hour and a half later my son was born! Our midwvies BARELY made it. I would suggest having all your supplies ready to go by 37 weeks. Our son came at 37 weeks so we had just gathered our supplies. However, my husband ended up being a little preoccupied once labor began with "checking his to do list" (i.e. warming crock pot, filling tub, etc). I felt the need to push about 10 mins before our first midwife arrived so we ended up ditching the tub and moving to where I wanted to deliver. It all happened SO FAST it honestly did not compute that that stinging sensation was the baby! So very different than my first experience. I would just say get things together asap so you can focus. You will have an awesome birth. Being home is really the best. :)
Wow - 1.5 hrs!!! I would hope if I did have a fast birth it would at least last 3-5hrs....I mean, what will be will be..but I think you are totally right about being prepared. I've ordered my kit already, and I am preparing my list of things for my doula and boyfriend too. My first baby was born 5 days early, but my others either right on the "due date" or late so I am hoping not to be too early with this one, but again, only time will tell. It's coming up fast though, I'm already in the middle of my 29th week.



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