HypnobabiesHimAndHerPregnant for Birth Partners?

When expectant mothers have supportive partners that want to be involved in the preparation for their baby’s birth, Hypnobabies Childbirth Hypnosis classes provide the tools for them to do so with confidence!

It’s not unusual for Birth Partners to be skeptical at first about childbirth hypnosis, or concerned that the expectant mother will simply listen to hypnosis tracks, leaving him/her without a significant role during the babies birth.

Hypnobabies Birth Partners soon learn that their concerns are unfounded when they discover in Class One that hypnosis is a normal state of mind that people experience every day, and that they have a very hands-on role in the process of preparing the mother for an easier, more comfortable birth.

The first Hypnobabies lesson dispels the misconceptions that many have about hypnosis. Birth Partners experience hypnosis along with the expectant mother during Class One’s “Learning Self-Hypnosis” script. They are surprised to learn that hypnosis is actually quite pleasant, very relaxing, and even fun. “That’s it?”, and “All I felt was very relaxed.”, and “I enjoyed it a lot…it wasn’t weird at all!” are the excited comments our instructors hear from our Birth Partners at the end of that first script.

What Will the Birth Partner Learn in Hypnobabies Classes?...FIND OUT HERE


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