Hypnobabies Link of the Day: Hypnobabies is not a “Listen-Only” Program

Hypnobabies Founder/Director has an important message for us about creating a much easier birthing experience:

As a childbirth educator and doula since 1989, I created Hypnobabies as a way of assisting women to prepare for childbirth and experience it in a much more positive way than I had myself. Childbirth is a very important, even life-changing experience which can leave the most joyous and beautiful imprints on those who have experienced it…when it has been a positive birth. When it has not, it can leave scars which remain for a very long time, and sometimes never heal. 


I believe that the numbers of women for whom the latter is true can be reduced greatly with excellent childbirth education, compassionate support, and the comfort tools to empower themselves in creating the birth experience they desire. I eat, drink, breathe and live to help moms all over the world to enjoy having a safer and much more comfortable birthing, and I feel compelled to open the door to a better understanding about how Hypnobabies fits into this process...


 https://www.hypnobabies.com/about-hypnobabies/hypnobabies-is-not-a-...  Please share this with your friends and contacts - thanks!

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