REGISTER HERESpinning Babies Workshop in Anaheim!

Spinning Babies Workshop in Anaheim!

Register online until Thursday, March13. After that, if there is room, $175. at the door.

  • $145 Online Early Registration before March 7
  • $130 for first 15 Certified Hypnobabies Instructors, if registering early online 
  • $155 last week registration to March 13
  • After that, if there is room, $175. at the door. All comers!
  • 7-hrs; .7 ACNM CEUs (MEAC, DONA, CAPPA accepted)

Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort Area, Pacifica Rm

FREE PARKING in the hotel lot.

1915 S Manchester Ave
Anaheim, CA 92802

8:30-5:00 (Sign-In from 8:10-8:15)

12 noon - 1:30 Lunch break. We have lunch options. Bring your own; walk to a restaurant; eat with us at the hotel. We can order our hotel lunches at the morning break or if enough are interested and purchase the $22 dollar buffer, we can do a Mexican Buffet with gluten free options. Click that option when you register and pay on March 15th. Don't click unless you will pay on the 15th, we need 20 to pull it off.

Gail Tully in the UK with Spinning BabiesMind over Matter in childbirth... you've opened and calmed the mind, now what is the matter? Let's attend to those few long labors and posterior presentations.

Spinning Babies techniques for pregnancy and labor;
Listening to labor-- does baby just need to rotate or doesn't baby fit at all?
Reduce cesarean rates by adding Balance before and during labor and assisting fetal engagement - tonight!

Detailed handouts; 7-hrs; .7 ACNM CEUs (MEAC, DONA, CAPPA accepted)

A sudden Anaheim wind has swept through Minnesota whisking Gail unexpectedly but delightedly back to California and right to the neighborhood of Disneyland - and Hypnobabies! Kerry Tuschoff has been such a supporter of Spinning Babies that Gail is offering her certified Hypnobabies instructors a special price. Everyone is welcome to come! Doulas, Nurses, Midwives, Childbirth Educators, Yoga Teachers, Chiropractors and the Brave New Doctors, too. (CEUs limited to above description.) This is not a class geared to parents, but a pregnant woman who is not also a birth worker might email Gail and check first. Meet Gail. Get a deeper understanding of how fetal position effects the ease of birth or the challenges faced.  Prepare by reading the Spinning Babies Website menu items labeled "Start" and "Baby Positions" to be more comfortable at the class.


Certified Hypnobabies Instructor discount!


$130. w/online registration before Mar 7th


email Gail Tully your instructor number: gail @ (no spaces)


Purchase Belly Mapping Workbook, T-shirts, and more with cash or PayPal swipe.

Please no babies or children over 3 months old. 

Full refund (100%) if you call or text Gail before 8 am Mar. 15th (not before 6 am please! but the night before is fine!) so she can contact someone on the wait list.  


Call or text, if you need help or to cancel at Gail's cell, 612-817-3144 during daylight hours, please. On day of workshop from 6-8 am.

Have questions about Spinning Babies - Disneyland/Anaheim, CA? Contact Gail: gail @ (no spaces)

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