Hi everyone,

I'm a future mom (4 weeks pregnant!) and a Moby-loving nanny. Has anyone used the Moby while pregnant? What are the comfiest holds?

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Woo hoo! Congratulations!

I haven't used it myself when pregnant, but had a friend who made a hip hold work really well for her even in the last tri (well, for most of it anyway!) and her toddler. I think all she did was just adjust the straps to fit above or below her belly as it was comfortable. You could probably rig it to work just fine if you're wearing an infant in a hug hold for several weeks to come even as you start to show.

If you find later on that something in particular works great for you, do post and let us know!

Will do! I'm sure there are siblings this close in age, but it is a little odd to be pregnant and wearing an 11-week-old baby. I'm hoping I don't show for a good while, so on fussy days like today, she can be in the hug hold. She's not even rolling over yet, so I'm not sure how we could safely to a hip hold, but I'll get creative.



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