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Has anyone been asked if they made their Moby wrap?

I was at the grocery store the other day and one of the baggers asked me if I had made it, and made the whole concept up myself. I explained it to him.

Then thought, geeze, people really must not be baby wearing too often in this store! Moby wraps surely aren't least, so I thought.
I get asked that all the time. It's still surprising to me how uncommon babywearing is in our country and especially in my area (south TX). I am working to change that though!

momma to 4
I don't have a Moby, but I have the same type of wrap made by Parents of Invention & I get asked all of the time where I've gotten it from.

I was at the mall recently & a woman asked me where I was from. When I replied that I was from here in California, she asked me again & I realized she wanted to know my ethnicity. I told her I was Mexican & she wanted to know if all Mexican women wrapped their children like me? haha.

Also, a friend & I were at church recently & we both had our children wrapped. I couldn't even count how many times we were asked about our wraps (she has a Moby). Everyone thought they were great!

I love getting asked about my wraps. It makes me so excited to tell people about babywearing & it's benefits.
I get asked every time I wear it;) I have the Turquoise wrap and it is such a cheery color. The ladies at my local Whole Foods Market actually know who we are now and check on baby's growth as they recognize the "baby in the cozy wrap". Men ask me if I invented it, commenting that my son looks so peaceful and content to be "on-board". I thought of all places, that at WFM, the babywearers would be out in droves, yet alas, in Metrowest (Boston) I am still a rarity in a sea of Snugli's and B'orns. I've worn all of my 3 kiddos, the first one in a pouch sling, the second in a ring style sling, and now #3 in the Moby Wrap. Wish I hadn't been so intimidated by the amount of fabric the first time around! I really want to get the "born free" chocolate color wrap for our winter color, since baby #3 was a HBA2C and truly "born free". It is a great conversation starter! sells the moby wrap in the old discontinued pastel pink color - it's gorgeous! You can't seem to buy that color on the moby wap site anymore - just a more vibrant fusia. It's very important to look stylish & coordinated when wearing your baby, so buy moby wraps in a couple of different colors! I have a cream one to match my fall & winter wardrobe, and the pink one for spring and summer. It's also good to have two because you'll have one in the wash and can still wear your baby with the other.
Great way to promote babywearing and the moby wrap - get business cards printed cheaply at your local FED EX Office or copyhouse with the mobywrap website address on it! Keep the cards in your wallet and that way you can give them out to expectant mothers and mothers with babies who ask you about the wrap when you're on the go. Great way to spread the word! You can even include a brief quote about the benefits of babywearing, such as "Babies worn at least three hours per day feel secure and nurtured and cry less."



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