support group for woman who have suffered a misscarriege.


support group for woman who have suffered a misscarriege.

This group is for woman who have ever suffered a misscarriage and need support from other woman who have gone threw a misscarriage. Maybe you are going to start trying again and have fears? whatever your feelings this is the group to share it with.

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How to support my friend?

Started by Bonnie P Feb 4, 2010. 0 Replies

I just found out my friend who was 9 weeks pregnant has had a missed miscarriage. She started spotting a few days ago and is going in for a D&C today. Besides just being there for her, is there…Continue

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Comment by Samantha on August 19, 2011 at 11:02am

I know that this sound cliché  or even mean to some but I never though I would have a MC I have had two heathy children and this was just something I never thought would happen to me. 

The other thing that got me was when I went in for a normal US the baby was measuring right on just no HB which mad it worse to me, I did a natural mc I could not do a D&C I felt like by doing that it said I didnt wait my child which i had planed and vary much wanted. I not saying for anyone who has done that its wrong just not right for me. 


I still find my self lost in the pain and the thoughts of where I should be, I will never get a BFP and not think will it happen again. You lose so much with an MC not just the baby. 

Comment by naomi on March 20, 2010 at 6:19am
bethann thats the part that always bothered me is drs will tell you they wont test for anything until you have gone threw two misscarreiges sometimes three that part sad. I guess it's because misscarriege is so common that comment never helped me but it's true. So your next pregnancy will probobly be fine. I think when you naturally miscarry dr says one to two cycles and try again. When I had a dnc at eight weeks dr said waith three cycles and try again it's less when you miscarry naturally.Ask your dr to verify she may even tell you after your next period if your emotionally ready. Of course after a scare like that your ready for another one but the fear never goes away. I'm three months and still have fears I think it lingers for a while at least until you get into second trimester then it probobly calms down a little. goodl uck hun.
Comment by Bethann on March 19, 2010 at 6:55pm

The bleeding you experienced is insane! I started bleeding heavily on Friday morning, everything washed out on Saturday morning and then I was done bleeding on Monday night. I can identify with the incredibly painful cramping, which took place for me the day I started bleeding, but stopped that evening. I think I was very early on in my pregnancy b/c my levels on friday were only 704, which by saturday they were 300 and something. I am now appproximately a weel from the start of my miscarriage and my quantitative hcg levels are 39 as of Wednesdays bloodwork. My family dr. has been the one helping me through this time b/c she also had 2 miscarriages so she understands and has been through this as well.

I am not sure how long I should wait to try again, but without having a d&c I figure I will see how my cycle goes this month and next month and then perhaps start trying again. I asked my dr. if I needed a progesterone test in the beginning, but he ( I work at my dr's office so I had two MD inputs through this) said he didn't think it was necessary. I will get it checked next time around. I honestly explain it to people as an out of body experience. To feel very pregnant the day before and then suddenly feel very empty inside. Within a 24 hr period my body went from retaining water and pregnant to better than pre-pregnancy. It was a strange feeling. To see the "tissue" coming out was even more of an body experience. I went through a confused phase of how and why and then on monday I was just angry. I went through so much in one weekend. I am to the point of hope for another pregnancy. I know I can GET pregnant, but like laney just trying to figure out how to STAY pregnant. I will continue to read and become more educated specifically about miscarraiges and also try to figure out how to STAY pregnant in the near future! That's my story!

Thanks laney for sharing your story and inspiring me to share mine as well!
Comment by naomi on March 19, 2010 at 5:56pm
your a really strong person laney I give you lots of props for how your handling everything. Sounds like you've become very well educate and I bet next time will be sucessful for you. Good luck with everything and we are hear for whatever your need.
Comment by Brittany Tubb on March 18, 2010 at 1:09pm
laney my heart goes out to u!! praying that ur appointment on tuesday goes well and that u can get everything under control to start trying again. i know that when i miscarried in march of 09 i thought that id never get pregnant again..but after 6 months of waiting..which was instructed by my doctor we got pregnant that first month!! i didnt know i was already pregnant when my 2 yr old had his birthday, but now when i look back on how i felt the day of his party everyone was right! my MIL and MOM kept saying r u sure ur not pregnant..cuz i had a horrible headache that day and felt like i was going to throw up the whole time..and i just kept saying...nooo its too soon for me to be preggo again..but 5 days later i got a BFP. so just keep ur head up and learn more and more everyday.
Comment by naomi on March 16, 2010 at 7:19am
HEY i'M so glad you joined my sight. I know you'llget pregnant again. In my experience I already had one child it was my secnod I misscarried with. You deffently can get pregnant because you wer just pregnant. Misscarriege is so common a lot of woman even when it's their first child will misscarry then go on to have healthy children. I heard this a lot when I was going threw mine from the dr's I know it didn't make me feel better but they are right. So dont worry hun I am fully confident you next pregnancy will be fine. unfortunaly this is a time were sometimes even the best advice doesn't comfort you. It's something y;ou have to sort out and get threw and that takes time believe me took me a while. Good luck sweetie.
Comment by Bethann on March 15, 2010 at 7:07pm
I recently miscarried over the weekend for the first time. This was or first pregnancy as well so I am very fearful that I will miscarry again. I do not need a D&C b/c everything washed out on Saturday and my levels are going back to "normal" already so my dr. said I should be back to pre-pregnancy #s by thursday. Still sort of angry, but learning to cope...just now entering the fearful of never getting pregnant phase. Any words of wisdom from others in my situation?
Comment by naomi on January 30, 2010 at 1:04pm
so I just found out i'm five weeks and two days pregnanty .Yay! My husband and I are very happy but at the same time very reserved because of our blighed ovum miscarrieage we had back in aug. I'm trying to stay positive but I cant help but be scared history will repeat its self. Any encouraging storys or advice on how to relax would be helpful. I keep analizing my symptoms and wondering. It's going to be along three weeks that's for sure. I'm just wrighting this because I guess I'm looking for support for woman who have gone threw this and know the fears of having a repeat misscariege. I know the chacnes of two blighed ovums are small but still it could happen. Okaywell. Were happy but you all know how at first you cant help but be reserved about it until you really know everythings okay.
Comment by Mrs. C on November 24, 2009 at 8:23pm
Good luck Naomi!
Comment by naomi on November 24, 2009 at 12:19pm
okay so I'm a worrier for nothing. lol. I got my period finally never thought i'd be so happy to get it. Now we can start trying after this so hopefully we will succeed quickly. I'ave feell ike I've been waiting forever. okay have a great holiday everyone.

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