How do you track fertility when you are breastfeeding and your period hasn't returned yet? I read the book shortly after my daughter was born and I just don't really get how you do it if you are breastfeeding. I wish I knew exactly when I would start ovulating because then I wouldn't worry about using protection. lol

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Stephanie, you actually will start ovulating after 56 days. So, you have 8 weeks after having your child where you shouldn't get pregnant. After that, you could conceive or possibly start having cycles again. I didn't have my first cycle until my little guy was 10 months old. He is still breastfeeding now that he's 12 mos. and even at night. If you end up feeding at night with your child, your cycles won't come back completely normal until you start to not feed as much overnight. A really great way to know your cycle is to actually chart every day by the observation that you make. I use the Creighton Model and it is about 99% effective for both conceiving and avoiding pregnancy. It also truly helps you to know what is going on with your body as my charts were showing that I had low progesterone after ovulating prior to the next cycle. It's amazing how it works. So, if you are interested, check for more information. You can be any religion even though this was started by a Catholic doctor. Take care! :)
Which book do you mean? Taking Charge of Your Fertility? it has a whole section on trying to chart while breastfeeding, but since it's hard to know what your body will be doing it's trickier... not as regular. Many women take advantage of BFing as natural birth control, but you can't count on that-- my period came back after just 3 months, even though we were still exclusively BFing around the clock. So I guess to answer your question, try to study that chapter on charting while BFing.
I started charting for the first time four months after my son was born. I got "periods" back at that time. I was using Sympto-thermal method, and the temperatures showed anovulation until my son was thirteen months. The cervical mucus was harder for me to understand because I was expecting a pattern and I was not having one, but It got easier to understand after I started truly ovulating again. I avoided whenever I was very fertile mucus, and didn't get pregnant until I wanted to. My best suggestion to you would be to pick a method and get formal instruction. With Creighton you can call your instructor and ask questions when you need to.



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