Hi. So I'm using calender+mucus+BBT to not get pregnant. Here's the thing though. For the last two months I've ended up with fertile mucus (aka Spinn) around day 10, and yet no true ovulation until like day 20 with the temp. It's pretty clear with the temperature too. But then, I've ended up with my period about 8 days after ovulating. It's all very screwy. I mean, it's possible that things are still regulating, I'm only on my 4th or 5th cycle since I started menstruating again after my son stopped breast feeding.
Does anybody have any thoughts about what might be going on? Am I actually fertile when I have the Spinn, or should I go by the temp?

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Hi, I'm not sure what Spinn mucus is, but I will say that cycle return after breastfeeding can take some time to work itself out, and your cycles will often look different than they did before you got pregnant last time. I just posted something under another discussion about lengthening luteal phases if you wanted to try to do that: http://www.mybestbirth.com/forum/topics/ovulation-and-luteal-phases...;

I would recommend going by the temp... If you would like more info about the BBT cycle and what the temperatures indicate, I highly recommend Randine Lewis' "The Infertility Cure." Good Luck!
Fertile mucus is the stuff that is very clear and stretches more than 1" when you check it on your bathroom tissue that you used. If it is really wet and there is a lot of it, this is the really good stuff! Make sure to wipe from front to back through the perineum to pick up any and all mucus when making your observation. If it keeps coming, make sure to wipe until gone. As for when you are ovulating around the fertile mucus, you should be checking mucus every day to evaluate where you are in your cycle. As for when your cycles start getting more regular, it's usually after at least the 3rd cycle after having your child. Your hormones and everything start getting back to normal and should be regulating. I use the Creighton Model for NFP and it's been great seeing how I have to chart and make daily observations. It's really helped me to know where I am in the cycle each time. Good luck.



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