Lets just have a little fantasy brainstorming thing here, what as a country, are we failing to do for our teen mamas? What can we do to help them have joyous pregnancies and ecstatic births? What are we missing in this big puzzle to help them succeed with breastfeeding for more then six months? Why do we have little hope and compassion for out next generation of mamas?

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I think the biggest is the sham we put onto young mothers, so it start the pregnancy out on a bad note. Also most teen moms dont always start prenatal care right away and this where we could do allot of good talking to them early and getting them in a support group. But giving them the right to take hold of there births is the biggest we need to give them. Letting them know from the start they are parents and to stop treating them like teenagers, even if you dont like it they are now a mom and you need to give them the respect to parent and make chooses for there baby.  By doing this I think will help for teens to feel more like a parent from the start and not second guess them self and the choose they make for there baby.

I believe we assist teen mothers and mothers to be with the same care, compassion, and honesty as we do with all mothers.  If requested, we educate them with information/resources about self-empowerment, natural/holistic pregnancy, birthing, family rearing and lifestyle.



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