How have you benefitted from Nurturing Moves-a combination of science based breathing exercises, yoga, belly dance, and massage with Michelle Maniaci?

Dear Friends,
You are all invited to share the benefits of your Nurturing Moves:
You can answer the following questions:
1. How has your life changed ever since you learned how to fully engage your Divine Diaphragm?

2.  How have you benefitted from learning how to release tension, lengthen your respiratory capacity, increase your rib cage mobility, dance with your baby, and massage your baby belly in deep relaxation?

3.  How has meeting every week in a supportive sisterhood environment benefitted you and your baby?

4.  How has singing to your baby and listening to relaxing music benefitted you and your baby?

5.  Is there anything you would like to share with other women regarding creating a healthy pregnancy?

Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all! 
Michelle Maniaci

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