I wonted to share with you all about my first time encapsulating my placenta and how most people i told reacted. Its so funny that you when you tell people that you are going to do this the look on there face and what comes out there mouth. I get thats its not for everyone but whats some people say kills me, I had my sister in law tell me i was a cannibal, one can only laught that off. I mean come on we are the only species that does not eat there after birth does that not say something for it. What I always like to say is to each there own. I not out here to get everyone to do it just wonting to share what i think is a great thing=-)


Ok to the encapsulating part now=-) 

So the hospital was a bit weird about it they said it might need to go down to pathology then they said all i need to do was sign off on it. So i signed what i need to sign and my hubby took it home for me. I had a 4th degree tear so i did not get home tell thurs, had the baby tues, and was still not up to doing it tell sat. But it was in my fridge i was not worried about it going back i have heard of people doing it weeks after the birth. 

Anyway i washed and cleaned off all the blood. Let me tell you just how easy it really it its crazy. After that i cute in to as even of slices as i could and placed evenly over the tray. It took about a day to dry out all the way in the dehydrator. Then I put it in the blender, I tried the food processor  but was not having the best luck. the peaces kept getting stuck on the sides. The blender was much better. I got gel caps and filled them by had it took a long time but i got it done got about 250 caps. I didnt think i would get so much. I say if you wont to save some time get the encapsulator  to save time if not filling by had works just fine just takes a bit longer. 

I started to take them the next day and take two to three a day. I have to say i saw a big big difference in my swelling. I was still pretty swollen in my legs and after a day of the pills it went down allot.  It helped so much with that, i forgot to take them on xmas and my swelling was much more then when i do take them. Also my mood, cant tell you how much it has help stable out my moods and have not had any blues like i did with my son. My hubby even said how much he thinks it has helped with my mood. Since taking then i have also seen an improvement in my milk supple as well.


I cant say how happy I am that i chose to do this and did not let what others where saying stop me. If you wont to hear my whole birth story its on here under the birth of my surro son. 







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The links on the bottom are the pics i took of the process 


I was wondering if there was a reason you didn't steam the placenta before you dehydrated it?

Ya I didnt wont to cook it and lose the any  nutrashion from it.  Sorry it took so long to get back to you.


Thanks!!! I am so glad I did it=))




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