I am having my second homebirth very soon (EDD 8/30) and need a doula. My husband has been hospitalized and is currently in the MICU at NYHQ. We wern't planning on using a doula this time around but given our situation it is important to me that I have one. I have tried to contact several doulas but the fees are very high here and I don't work. My husband has been out of work since May 16th because he has Crohn's and has been in the hospital the entire time. This leaves us financially unable to pay much for support. If you are looking to add births for your certification or you are willing to help our family I would be extremely grateful. We live in College Point (Queens) NY. I don't require much in labor. Post Partum needs are important. I'll likely be by myself or with limited care from anyone because my family doesn't live in NY. You can contact me at ab51304 at aol dot com or please call me at 646-238-0335. I stay at the hospital with my husband 24/7 to help care for him since he requires around-the-clock care, he is on strict bed rest and a very poor nutritional diet has caused him to drop to 119lbs while in the hospital. I can meet you any time at my home or another close place. Thank you for considering our family and we hope to find help!

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