I noticed that there were a lot of comments from people talking about their experiences during the first trimester and thought I would try and organize it all under a discussion.

I am 6 weeks pregnant and newly married. We started trying to conceive before the wedding, and we did! I still haven't started telling people and it's such a strange feeling to have this huge, momentous, scary and amazing thing going on and no one knows and no one can tell. In fact, sometimes I almost want to question whether I'm really pregnant or not.

I've been interested in women's health and pregnancy for a long time and thought I might have a homebirth. Now that I'm pregnant, its become the clear right choice. I'm looking for a midwife and am reading everything I can get my hands on.... any book recommendations would be welcome!

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Well I put some of this on the comments but I have some new thoughts so here goes. Ya, so far I haven't had any really bad morning sickness but I have had some random sickness. With my 1st 2 pregnancies I was sick for 3months straight but after that totally fine(1st 2 boys hoping the difference means a girl this time:) But it is hard when you feel so weird and know your prego but no one can tell. Plus my hubby says it's hard for him to get into the pregnancy til he can see it, which I understand. But I did get a call from the midwife telling me that my progesterone levels are sky high and everything looks great so that made me feel more prego. (I even asked her SO I am pregnant right? her response, you are very pregnant!lol)
So a couple books I've read- Husband Coached Birth-even if you're not using that exact method it has good info. Of Course, My Best Birth, one of my favs! I'm reading Birthing from Within now, I'll let you know when I finish how I feel about that one.
Looking forward to hearing some other thoughts on this subject, before we know it we will be 2nd trimester, yay!
I'm 5 1/2 weeks right now, so I'll be due right after you, Chelsea!
I haven't told anyone yet either, and that's been quite tough because I've been SOOOO sick with this one. My first pregnancy, I'd get the occasional wave here and there, but nothing too dramatic; this time it's been much worse. Or maybe I just can't remember the first with that much clarity... lol! I've just sent my husband out to get some Vit B6 and ginger tablets, hopefully one of the two (or a combination) will be effective for me.
I was at the midwife's yesterday and my husband loved her as much as I did! Afterwards, he kept commenting that is was so weird not to have her kick us out right away like a doctor would, she left things wide open and it was so much more of a dialog than the doctor-ish drilling questions! My husband wonders why more women don't go to see midwives! He was already thinking up advertisement campaigns, it was so encouraging to hear!
A great breastfeeding book is The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, put out by the Le Leache League. I learned so much from that one and felt very confident heading into it. At my midwife's office they have a lending library with a ton books surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, I wonder if yours might have one too? I forgot to look through them while I was there, guess I'll just have to wait for my next appointment in 5 weeks! (My local public library has next to nothing - but it's a tiny one.)
Oh and I cannot WAIT for the 2nd trimester to begin, Laura!
Bonnie, I'm really encouraged by your great visit with your midwife. I'm really hoping my husband will like the midwife, I can tell he's a little nervous about the whole thing since it's our first. But I can also tell he's really excited. We are going to try and meet the midwife for the first time next week.

On books, thank you both for the recommendations. I should go see what our library has, even though I must say I prefer to own books if they are good.
I started bleeding and having cramps this morning and am concerned it might be a sign of a miscarriage. I have a call into my naturopath, but don't expect to hear from her until tomorrow. Everything I have read today is pretty wishy washy, so I'm just trying to stay calm and not worry too much.
Oh, Chelsea, I feel for you and praying it's not a miscarriage! Try to stay positive and hopefully you can get a hold of your naturopath asap! If the cramps are quite painful I've heard that a hot water bottle can relieve some of it.
God bless you and your baby!
I'm sad to report it was a miscarriage. While still difficult, I am thankful that it was quick and not too painful. Wishing both of you my best, and glad I found this resource, either way.
I'm sorry to hear that, you not alone in that pain, I have been there and many others on here as well. Praying for a healed heart, mind and body.
So sorry, Chelsea. I'm also praying for you and your husband right now.
Being a doula and student midwife didn't exempt me from any first trimester woes like I somehow assumed. I made it through just being patient and knowing that my body was doing exactly what it should & that I should accept and surrender to the process. I rested and laid around for 8 weeks until I felt better. Now you can't stop me from going at 24wks. I'd like to suggest a new book from my list
Magical Beginnings by Deepak Chopra. Its nice and available on audiobook as well.
The Natural Pregnancy Book by Aviva Jill Romm
Ina May's Guide to childbirth

These are all must haves for someone desiring to experience a normal healthy pregnancy and birth
Congrats and best wishes



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