I am new to this group, but not new to pregnancy or birth LoL. I am a mother of 2 step-mother of two more, both my births were natural and the second of the two was a home birth (Soul Changing!) I am slowly studying to become a Doula and am one of those "militant natural birth/anti-medical establishment" activists (big mouths *giggles*).
So what I was wondering, is if any of you Ladies has ever gotten preggers while having a paragard copper iud in place? I have had mine for almost a year now and my partner and I had been very careful in the past to use the "rhythm method" on top of having the iud. Well there were a couple occasions in the last couple months where that whole "rhythm method" went kerflop. I am having almost constant heart burn now, really light periods ( I have been known to have them while pregnant ) and continual light spotting. Unless I have an ulcer from anxiety, I think we may have "Lucky no. 7" on the way. I do not want to take a test until the weekend because I fear a false negative, it has happened to me before.
So any input on this would be extremely helpful ! Thanks!

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Mine actually fell out! By some miracle I didn't get pregnant that time, but for me, that was a sure sign that the IUD was not for me! (I really didn't intend the Dr Suess response!)
I had a copper IUD until a few weeks ago when I found out I was pregnant! I had it in for about 18 months. I am guessing I was 2 to 4 weeks pregnant when I had it removed, hopefully this Friday I will be far enough to get a due date. This will be pregnancy number 11 and my seventh child. This was my first time trying a copper IUD. I may try it again in the future but have it removed after a year and then replaced. I think my body became acclimated to it. When it was first put in I had constant bleeding then as time went on the bleeding became more like my regular periods. What I found odd was about 4 months ago I started to spot mid-month (about ovulation time), I figure a fertilized egg was trying to implant (this happened for a couple months), then I missed my period. I did a home test which was positive, called to ob and they got me in the next day and removed it. So far so good!

I know of two other women who have gotten pregnant with copper IUDs.



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