It's nice to have a quick point of reference to go to and see when everyone is expecting. Let's post our due dates here and any other info you'd like to share!

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I'm due July 21st with our first.
Due date is around Sept 1, 2010. I weaned my DD and never had a period, so I am going on when I had implantation bleeding on Dec 15.

Other children are Ivan who is 2 1/2, and Ursula who is 15 months old.
I am almost 35 weeks and am due Feb. 9. (Its getting close :) This is my 3rd. Its a BOY. My DD is 13 and my DS will be 4 in a few weeks.

I am a huge football fan and am seriously hoping to have him either before Feb 7 or after...don't wanna be in labor during the Superbowl :) DD was 2 weeks early and DS was 1 hoping it will work out.

Congrats to all!!!
Due date: April 25th, 2010. Keeping the sex a surprise and it is our first child! Planning a homebirth!
Hi. My name is Charity. I have one daughter, 20 months and am due with my second child on September 10th.
I am due on May 3rd. There seems to be quite a few due in May! This is our first! We were TTC for over 2 years so we are VERY excited! We found out about a month ago that we will be having a girl!
Good luck to all of you, mommas!! :)
Due Date: Feb 12.
We have 2 daughters, 5yo and 2yo, this one is a boy!
My due date is May 20th, we found out last week it is a girl. My oldest daughter was ecstatic, seeing how it is evenly split boys and girls. I did't tell the household for a couple days, all I told my husband was "It's a baby". I baked a cake for them and my oldest daughter got to cut it to see if the cake was blue or pink.
Just found out I'm pregnant with our first!! Guess date is 10/05/10. So excited!!!!!!!
yay katie!!! congrats!
I'm having an October baby too 10/20/2010 (also my first)! Congrats!
I just found out I'm due October 6th, on my mom's birthday!



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