It's nice to have a quick point of reference to go to and see when everyone is expecting. Let's post our due dates here and any other info you'd like to share!

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How cool! I was born on my grandmothers birthday, and we are just alike!
My due date is in October too, congrats!
I'm due August 2, 2010. This is my second pregnancy; my son will be 11 in March. Hoping for a HBAC :)
Little late to the party...I'm due Aug. 31 2010. It's our first. I'm kinda glad that there are some many others planning to wait to find out the gender. My in-laws are fussing at us to find out because apparently we're really inconveniencing them by making them wait till the baby shows up. I was beginning to worry I was actually wrong in wanting to wait.
Hi Kathryn-
We're waiting to find out, too! Isn't it funny how much trouble it stirs up when you tell people you're not finding out? There are so few true surprises in life, so for me, it's absolutely worth the wait. (I certainly understand the rationale for wanting to know earlier, though!)
I'm due November 25th, 2010. This is our very first everything! We want a surprise so we won't be finding out the sex.
I am due November 28, 2010.
I'm due October 20th, 2010. A great number for a birthday 10/20/2010!
This is my first and I'm so glad to be here with this accepting group of ladies. I also post (or used to, really) on the "What to Expect" board website, and anytime I open my mouth about homebirth or the unnecessary c-sections it turns into heated arguments and I am the bad girl! Those girls are brainwashed to think doctors know best and homebirths are dangerous, and when I try to give them clear facts that state the obvious, it gets ugly. I feel so welcomed here, thank you! :)
Hello :) I am due 12-11-10 I love that due date, it is so fun. This is my third and we ARE going to find out the sex. I admire those that can wait... I'm just not one of them. I have two boys and I am pretty convinced this one will be another boy, though my oldest (3) thinks it's a girl and has already got her named... so we will see. I had c-sections with both of my boys and am learning every possible thing I can about VBA2C and working diligently to that end. Happy pregnancy to everyone!
Congratulations and best of luck to you, Melissa!
I'm due February 17, 2011
Hello everyone. This is my first child and I am due 02/06/11-I am having a boy named Hunter Blake Gray and me and my hubby could not be more excited for the arrival. My birthday is 02/10 so I am excited to share a birthday so close to my little man. February will be a great month!!
Our first is due May 26th. It's too early to know the sex yet, and I doubt we'll find out.



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