I am almost 36 weeks with my 4th baby. I have been induced with my 3 previous, for various reasons, one really high blood pressure, the next I was 42 1/2 weeks and failed 2 NST's, another because of of just being plain uninformed and gave into a nagging OB. I do not have the funds to pay for an out of pocket home birth, though that would be my dream and my insurance will only cover an OB. I do have a wonderful Dr this time though, and have talked to him about natural induction methods, specifically EPO and the tea. He agreed to let me try, but said it probably wont work, and didnt have any idea how to administer it. I have really bad braxton hicks with my last 2 pregnancies and am just looking for something that will allow my cervix to open up and allo wtrue labor to start, as I dont want to resort to pitocin again. How effective are these at what I am trying to accomplish? When should I start? What dosing? How often to drink the tea? And I have heard alot of people recomend putting th EPO right on your cervix, how do I get it up there? I can't even reach my cervix, let alone have all the oil rub off before I am able to get that far back? Thanks in advance, sorry I have so many questions about this but I cant find many reliable resources.

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Does anyone know anything about this?
Thanks! I have been taking it orally 3x/day. I went from high and firm, to soft, 50% and 1cm in about a week. Not sure how much of that was my body and how much of it was the EPO, but there is enough doubt I am going to keep taking it. I still havent tried to insert it vaginally though, it seems a big mess to me, but we'll see how desperate I get and ho push my OB is later on.

The black and blue cohosh I read somewhere has the possibility of causing blood pressure spikes...and mine was a bit up my last apointment and with a history of it being high the last weeks of pregnancy anyway, I really dont want to risk that...Imagine everything they would do to me intervention wise if I came in with high bp!
I have been late with all my kids. With my first I drank the tea a lot for 2 weeks to no avail, but I tried 2 TBSP castor oil and 8 hours later my water broke and labor started. My next 2 were the same with the castor oil. I know there are different opinions on castor oil, so that's something you'll have to decide after reading more. With #4, Nothing worked and I ended up having a failed induction, being sent home and then getting induced again a week later. During the week between inductions, I was taking EPO (sorry, don't remember the dose) and walking a lot. I was a lot more effaced when I was admitted for the second induction, so I guess something worked! I have also read that EPO works better when taken orally, so I wouldn't worry too much about inserting it vaginally. :)
I take EPO orally both when I'm pregnant and when I'm not pregnant. I've never noticed the oral dosage affecting my cervix. However, I'm working with a midwife with this pregnancy who inserts the EPO directly into the vagina. I think she places it as close to the cervix as possible, or inserts it directly into the cervix if it's open enough. It may not be something that's easy to do yourself, and she cautioned me against doing it myself and told me to let her do it if that's something we want to try. She feels it works well to get labor moving along, and in our case we would only use it to augment labor (because in the past I've tended to have 2 days of early labor) and not for inducing. It could be worth a try, and I believe it would be more effective going directly near or on the cervix rather than taking it orally.



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