I am 23 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I have severe eczema and the skin on my belly has gotten itchy and sore the more it has stretched. Anyone have any suggestions that might give me some relief?

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lots of lotion, that's what has helped me. Palmer's also has a spray that I spray on my belly while it's still damp from the shower and it helps me survive the work day.
Oooh, I didn't know about the Palmer's spray. I like the Palmer's coconut oil formula "Soothing Oil." It sure helps. And like Jessica said, lotion helps a lot too.
My son gets eczema from time to time, I use a mixture of garlic and coconut oil and it clears him up within a week. I have also found just straight coconut oil (the kind you cook with) has gotten rid of dry skin patches on me and gotten rid of the sunburns with my daughters.
I agree with Eileen...COCONUT OIL is AMAZING....it's even good for diaper rashes...FYI!! :) Good Luck thought....itchy bellies are no good!!
Hi Makala:

I hope it's appropriate to post information about my own products, but, there is a product I created some years ago for issues such as yours. Please keep in mind that for long-term care, it would be best for you (and baby) to receive a health consultation to fully address the eczema. The product's name is "Ball of Light Belly & Body Oil". See if it interests you and if you have any sensitivities to the ingredients.


All the best,
Founder/Organic Mommy & Baby Healthcare Solutions



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