Can anyone advise some natural ways to avoid being induced? I'm at 41 weeks and my MD wants to induce by 42. I've already tried:
+ acupressure
+ spicy foods (Indian, Italian, etc.)
+ sex
+ eating espresso ice cream (for adrenaline rush)
Thanks! Krista

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Castor Oil has worked wonders for the ladies I know that have tried it....but just get ready b/c the baby will come fast & furiously ;)
I personally am not a fan of castor oil as raging diarrhea plus labor are not my cup of tea. However, I never had to enter into high pressure negotiations about being induced either. Maybe at 41+ weeks it would appear as better than a pharmaceutical induction. . .
Red raspberry leaf tea, 3 times a day (known to kick start cervical ripening)
Nipple stimulation, either manually or with a breast pump (causes natural oxytocin release). Nipple stimulation can also regulate sporatic contractions.
Sex works for a number of reasons and probably the most fun and best way to get labour going...sperm has natural prostaglandin (built in cervical ripening agent), an orgasm is a uterine contraction and can kick start labour.
My best advise is to go out and pamper yourself. Get a pedicure and have them really work the acupressure points in your feet and ankles. Get your hair done. Sip on the red raspberry leaf tea while getting pampered. You'll feel and look great! Go out on a date. Maybe have some spicy food. Go home and have a good romp! If baby and body are ready it'll kick start things...if not...do it again!! This is far more appealing and more fun than having an invasive medical induction. Because the same holds true with medical inductions. If baby and body are ready it'll work...if not, it'll lead to a failed induction and often times a section.
Dont forget EPO!

Evening primrose oil capsules are WONDERFUL, and help efface a ripe cervix. They have natural prostaglandins similar to the properties of sperm and are natural.

So red raspberry leaf tea, EPO capsules (puncture a few and insert them vaginally and take them orally also), walk walk walk, sexual stimulation from your SO (and both being able to peak helps) and there are great pressure points you can have a friend or support do on you, also!

Personally, both myself and most of my midwives stay away from castor oil, especially self inducing. It can do nasty things as well as cause the baby to pass meconium and the success rate is low from my experience.

Take a nice warm bath and use guided imagery also! Imagine your body opening up for that baby... talk a walk and rock once and a while giving into any Braxton hicks contractions. Sometimes the best thing to do to go into labor... is to just relax and forget you are pregnant for a while! Good luck!
Trusting your body and your baby to go into labor on their own... No one stays pregnant forever. Your child knows when to be born, no need to rush them out.. Some women take longer to have their babies and that's normal. No matter what the OB tries to tell you trust your instincts!!!!!

I know first hand.. I've been talked into an induction with my first three births because I went to 42 weeks.. Basically, I was scared into an induction because I was told the baby would die.. Now I flat out refuse induction and let my children come on their own.. Our newest was born at 43 weeks, he was perfectly healthy. I was told he would be a big baby, he was only 8lbs 6oz.. So, as long as your fluid levels are normal and you and the baby are doing fine, don't let them pressure you.. No woman has stayed pregnant forever..

When the apple is ripe, it will fall.. :)

Good luck!!

Birth doula, wife and blessed SAHM to five.
Totally with you Candice. Don't allow an induction for the objective "42 wk rule." Request an ultrasound to see fluid levels and function. First timers are almost always late. Also, ignore the cervix checking that goes on. Also, first timers don't really "pre-dilate." So, if you're 0-1, don't be bummed. Its common.

Walking a LONG distance is a good bet. For my third baby, I got SO tired of being pregnant and was threatened with induction that I just packed up the kids in the stroller and started walking. I walked away from home until I got tired (taking my cell phone, of course), which was 2 hrs. Then I made myself walk back. Went into labor that night at midnight. Maybe see a chiropractor for an adjustment or two. Chiro and walking are two things can help get the pelvis in line and work the baby downward a little.

Definitely recommend nipple stimulation. Use a pump or fingers on one nipple for about 1 minute, every 5 minutes, for two hours. Then rest. If you have a hard contraction during stimulation, it might be best to stop that particular one minute of stimulation so you don't have a double contraction.

Ask your doc to strip your membranes if you are dilated enough to do so (about 2-3cm).

I'm also a big fan of psychological readiness. Play with the baby's clothes. Open a pack of diapers. Get that "giddy" feeling that comes with it. Spend time each night in the tub in very warm water relaxing every muscle in your body and whispering to the baby "Its time" while reminding yourself that you're ready. Visualize the baby moving down into the pelvis and being born.

Sex: The semen is what helps the cervix to soften. This is good in a larger amount (like a few times a day or so). Make sure that you orgasm, as well, because that can get contractions started and help the flow of oxytocin get started.

One more: A Fleet enema. I know! Bizarre. But it is said that stimulating the bowels can stimulate contractions.

The most important of these is psychological readiness, IMO, though. Stress and anxiety will inhibit the flow of the love and relaxation hormone (oxytocin) which causes uterine contractions. Relax and try hardest to memorize the feel of kicking and what it feels like to be pregnant. Enjoy it. I always feel kind of lonely for a while postpartum.
Congratulations on your precious new baby Krista! So, how'd it go? Were you able to avoid induction? We'd love to see your birth story here as a follow up to your good post :D

Thanks! And blessings to your new family!
I've heard great things about using accupuncture for labor induction!
I have to say that out of all things mentioned here, I have tried them, in large amounts, including castor oil twice (!). I went full 14 days past due, and in the end, accupuncture did it! However, this is not the standard accupuncture you receive at your local clinic. A well trained accupuncturist knows exactly which points are used for induction of labor. These are the points that they WILL NOT be allowed to use, there is actually a law against it, and a requirement to have a physician present, so most will not do it.
The girl who did it for me agreed to have me at her house first thing in the morning, before she went to her clinic. She put needles in the very sensitive points on the hands and on the legs, and I had my first labor contractions within minutes. She then sent me home with tiny tiny band-aids with tiny needles in them, already in place on my legs. Each time my contractions slowed, I pressed them and within moments, they came back up again. I had my daughter the next day, no pitocin.
You mya have to search around for someone that would agree to do it, it took me some time.
Good luck, and don't give into the PIT.
has anyone tried black and/or blue cohosh or cotton root?? I am 41+3 today. MW stripped my membranes yesterday which started some mild cramping/contractions, and I started taking blue and black cohosh homeopathics to help things along. My mw suggested cotton root tincture, and i've been starting very cautiously to try this, but wondered if anyone else had heard of this?

Hi Krista,


Were you able to avoid induction?





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